Garbage Not Your Kind of Tour Singapore 2012 Post Mortem

I actually decided at the last minute to go to the Garbage concert in Singapore a few days ago. Usually, I’ll buy the tickets the day it is released but with Garbage, I’m a fan but it’s been so long and I was wondering if I’m still that big a fan.

Also, I’m well aware that the band took a 7 year hiatus and I did have some doubts on their sound. Furthermore, there are so many upcoming gigs and it was about time to exercise some restraint at the Sistic website.

I actually went to look at the set list for this tour to see if they’re doing the songs that I like. Haha. They were going to do quite a few of the songs I like (Push It, Paranoid, Special, Cherry Lips and Blood For Poppies) and also, I have never seen Garbage perform live before.

Given their age, I’m not sure when they’re ever going to come back again (since they took 16 years to come back to Singapore for this gig) so I thought, screw this, I should just go and not regret it later.

Best decision ever.

It’s been 2 days since the concert and I still have the Garbage albums on repeat. I haven’t even played any Super Junior songs at all. If you are following me on twitter, you’ll know how much I love (or obsess) and keep going on about my Suju boys. This is major.

I also realised that I’m a much bigger fan of Garbage that I thought I was. I actually recognise like 80% of the songs that are not from their fifth and latest studio album “Not Your Kind of People”. I actually even remembered the words to the song to sing-a-long despite not having heard some of those songs for years!

Here is the set list:

  • Supervixen
  • Paranoid
  • Shut Your Mouth
  • Metal Heart
  • Stupid Girl
  • Queer
  • Why Do You Love Me?
  • Control (USA single)
  • #1 Crush
  • Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
  • Blood For Poppies
  • Special
  • Big Bright World
  • Milk
  • Battle In Me
  • Push It
  • I’m Only Happy When It Rains
  • Encore: Automatic Systematic Habit
  • Encore: Not Your Kind of People
  • Encore: Vow

It actually rained in the afternoon before the concert. I was honestly a bit worried about the rain but then I remembered that Garbage was “Only Happy When It Rains”. LOL. I didn’t have a problem with the mud but I really didn’t want to be holding an umbrella to rock out. It’s so… wrong.

Also, I went to the concert after work and I was looking forward to dumping my bag on the grass to jump. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the ground wasn’t too wet and everything just worked out fine.

The concert started at about 8.30 pm and went on till about 10.10 pm. The band sounded awesome and very tight. It’s almost like the hiatus didn’t happen.

A couple of songs in, Shirley Manson (whom I totally worship) started to get a bit pitchy. I’m not going to complain about it because I’m totally biased and in love with Shirley and she is freaking 45 (turning 46 in 3 days)!!! 45 years old dammit!! If she is still rocking at 45 she deserves complete respect; breathless and pitchy or not.

The crowd was also clearly much older and hence wasn’t loud/screaming as much as a normal concert would. In fact, between songs, if Shirley wasn’t talking, the crowd would actually fall silent! Quite unusual for a rock concert but hey, we’re all older now… lol.

Here are the photos from the gig:

No videos this time coz I forgot to charge the battery for the camera and it died halfway through the show and I didn’t get any song in full.

PS: Hi Gary! 🙂

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  1. The pleasure was all mine meeting the writer of the only blog I follow – kudos to you! Drop me an sms on 96341166 when you have lobang to meet the stars and I might join you to go stalking ! Here is photo of SM from 16 years ago:

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