Greyson Chance Autograph Session Singapore 2012

As you guys know, Greyson Chance will be in town next week for the taping of MTV Sessions. It was announced earlier today that Greyson Chance will be doing an autograph session as well!

The autograph session is happening on 10 November 2012 from noon to 2 pm at the Plaza Singapura main atrium. You will need a pass to join the queue for this autograph session.

To get the pass to join the queue for the autograph session, you need to get the “Truth Be Told Part 1” bundle pack from either CD Rama, {Prologue} or HMV. I’m not sure how much the bundle costs but I saw someone saying that it’s S$29.90. So please go and check in-store and make sure you are buying the correct version. Just buying the album DOES NOT allow you into the queue for the autograph session.

There are a few variation of the “Truth Be Told Part 1” bundle packs available.

Option 1: CD + 1 T-shirt (choose from 4 designs. Ask the shop what they have.)
Option 2 (exclusive to CD Rama + {Prologue}): CD + 1 water tumbler/calendar.
Option 3 (exclusive to HMV): CD + an eco tote bag.

Also, Greyson Chance will only sign the CD sleeve during the autograph session. You won’t be allowed to take any photos of and with Greyson Chance while you’re on stage. This is to allow the queue to move quickly so as many people as possible will get a chance to get their copy of the EP autographed. Please cooperate with the lovely people at Universal Music Singapore.

See you guys there!

4 thoughts on “Greyson Chance Autograph Session Singapore 2012

  1. Hi. Can I ask if we get the pass, can we confirm see Greyson? Or is there a limited number of people who can get it? Please reply ASAP

    1. should be everyone… so far, i haven’t seen an autograph session where they can’t finish signing for everyone. besides, this autograph session is 2 hours…. others normally is only 1 hour.

    1. Greyson is very nice and will sign anything but at the autograph session, UMGSG will only allow the CD sleeve to be signed.

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