Leona Lewis Live in Singapore 2012 for Clash of Continents

People!! Leona Lewis is FINALLY coming to Singapore after popping by to Malaysia a couple of times in the last few years.

Leona was just announced as the performer at the Clash of Continents tennis championship happening on 25 November 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I’m no tennis buff (duh) so if you are interested in the tennis related stuff, you can click here to go to the Clash of Continent 2012 website to find out more about the championship tournament.

Leona Lewis’s performance is fortunately open to the public so if you want to go watch her, you can go buy tickets for it. I’m not sure what time Leona is performing or how long will she perform for though (at this point of writing anyway).

Tickets are $150 (Arena), $90 (Terrace, free seating) and $60 (Balcony, free seating). Prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $3 Sistic fee. Tickets allow you entry into both days of the tennis championship tournament by the way.

You can click here to go to the Sistic page to buy tickets for this event.

[6 November 2012 | Update]

I was told that there will be an autograph session for some of the tennis players on 25 November 2012 before the matches start. I do not have details but I’ll post it when I find out more!

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