David Foster in Singapore 2012

I spotted David Foster the year before when he was here for the “David Foster and Friends” concert but I wasn’t standing at a position where I could approach him for a photo or an autograph.

So this year, it is third time lucky! We were finally at the right place and right time to get an autograph from him! He was much friendlier than we expected! Every time we saw him before, he was always walking so quickly and we always thought that he wouldn’t be very friendly. We were actually a little scared and intimidated by him.

When he was signing an autograph for us, I was like. “Welcome back to Singapore!” and he said, “3 years in a row.” and he smiled. 🙂 Naturally, I had to ask, “So are you coming back again next year?” His response was, “I hope so.” So keep your fingers crossed guys.

We didn’t ask for a photo coz like I mentioned earlier, he looked like he was in a big rush… as always.

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