Ramin Karimloo Live in Singapore 2012 — sort of

Remember how I mentioned about Ramin Karimloo tweeted that he will be coming to Singapore?? Well well, there’s more details now!!

Ramin Karimloo has been confirmed for 2 December 2012 at the Marina Bay Sands!!

Watch this space as I hunt for more details.

Big thanks to @StarRhapsody for the tip off!!

[3 November 2012 | Update]

Unfortunately, there are still no further details on this concert and it seems like all mentions on the MBS or Ramin Karimloo official website has been removed as well. I’ll just take it that this concert is no longer happening. BOO.

[29 November 2012 | Update]

Ok guys, after extensive research, I found out that Ramin Karimloo IS in Singapore (YES LIKE RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS) for a private show. Didn’t manage to find out when or where the show is though.

On top of that, it is the “West End Men” concert series if I guessed right. That would mean that the other guys (Lee Mead, Steve Young and/or Simon Bailey) in the concert series should be in town too.

So for mere mortals like us, we can only kick ourselves and pretend like that Ramin didn’t come and nothing happened. URGH…

8 thoughts on “Ramin Karimloo Live in Singapore 2012 — sort of

    1. actually, i’m starting to think that it is not happening anymore/got cancelled. i’ll give it a few more days… don’t hold your breath in the meantime. 🙁

    1. I KNOW!!! I saw it too!! but i have no idea what he is here for…. 🙁 i suspect it is for a private event or he is here to do some discussions.

  1. so sad, I did not seen this post, oh he was here in Sin on 2 Dec…Really hope to see Phantom of the opera n love never dies in Singapore……but I think mentioned in some website he unlikely to be performing phantom after 3 times in 25th Anniversary in Royal Albert Hall. Sad but do update us if he is coming again !

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