MTV Pimp My Ride Malaysia

If you didn’t know, MTV Asia is doing a season of “Pimp My Ride” in Malaysia. I finally checked the show out and I am actually pretty impressed with the transformation of the car.

The car in episode one is like a super duper dump. I’m surprised that it can actually move. LOL. I’m really impressed with the garage that did the transformation. The stuff they put in there can rival what you see in the American version of the series. It is really pretty cool shit!

Also, I think it is a case of nerves for the folks in the garage in front of the camera as they definitely are acting and speaking quite unnaturally. And with Rich speaking with his American accent and the whole atmosphere is just kinda weird.

I actually would like to see a more natural and “Ah Beng”/”Mat” attitude in the series for a more Asian flavour. It is quite awkward with everyone trying to speak with an American accent. Seriously, if the whole show would have subtitles, then people should just speak freely and as clearly as possible.

Anyway, check out Episode 1 of Pimp My Ride Malaysia here:

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