Introducing: Charlie Green

Charlie Green is a finalist in the 2008 edition of Britain’s Got Talent and he has just released his third full length studio album “Rainbow”.


The now 15 year old impressed Simon Cowell at the audition and was one of his favourite in the 2008 edition of Britain’s Got Talent. If Simon Cowell likes you, you’re sure that you’re on your way to bigger things.

Listening to the album, the song “Liquid Ice” stood out to me the most. Check it out:

It is a sensible and catchy pop song although I’m not very sure what “liquid ice” is. 🙂 Then again, how important are the lyrics in a dance-y pop tune right?

The title track “Rainbow” is also nice:

The rest of the album consists many other uptempo songs (which I can’t find on youtube to embed for you guys to sample) which are age appropriate for Charlie Green to sing about.

Also, do take note that only in Singapore and Malaysia will you be able to find the version of the “Rainbow” album with a Christmas bonus tracks “Please Come Home for Christmas” and “Christmas Eve”.

What do you think of him? Yes? No?

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