SPOTTED: Jessica Hsuan and Benny Chan in Singapore 2013

Daniel won a contest for a meet & greet with Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and Benny Chan (陈浩民) and between Manfred and me, it was quite a no brainer who would go with Daniel for the meet & greet session.

jovenatheart with Daniel
with Daniel

I think this is the first time ever that I am attending a meet & greet session of an Asian artist. It sure is very different from the English artist’s meet & greet session.

An official meet & greet session with an English artists is usually over in less than 5 minutes. The group photo with the artist is a standard feature and the artist would usually sign an autograph or two for you. There are some where the organizer/management refuse to let you ask the artist to sign.

Jessica Hsuan & Benny Chan
Jessica Hsuan & Benny Chan. (This is a group photo but I cropped the rest out since I don’t have their permission to post their image.)

The Asian artist meet & greet sessions are way longer and a lot more impersonal if you ask me. Sure I got a group photo with Jessica Hsuan & Benny Chan but given the crowd and situation, I didn’t dare to ask for an autograph coz it just might cause a riot.

However, for this meet & greet session with Jessica Hsuan and Benny Chan, there was FREE dinner!! Wahey!! Free food is always a win! Furthermore, this one is at a proper restaurant and since it was near the Chinese New Year, we had Yusheng on top of an 8-course dinner.

Jessica Hsuan & Benny Chan meet & greet dinner menu
Jessica Hsuan & Benny Chan meet & greet dinner menu

And just so you know, Benny Chan isn’t that tall. He was on his toes for some reason coz he suddenly wanted to look taller. He only did this at our table (there were 7 tables of 8 people in all present). He is about half a head taller than me. Haha. Jessica Hsuan was in a pair of 2-inches platform wedge heel so go work out how tall she is.

Anyway, during their about 30 ~ 40 minutes appearance before the dinner, they did an interview and promote their drama serial on the Jia Le Tai (佳乐台) channel and they played games with some of the 56 fans in the audience. That was quite fun actually.

At the end of the day, I still like my individual photo and autograph so I’d prefer the English artist so much more than a meet & greet session with an Asian artist. Not that I won’t go for another session, just that I won’t try/care as much about wanting to go (unless it is Super Junion/Super Junior M one of coz).

Finally, here are the rest the photos that I took during the meet & greet session that came out well. Enjoy:

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