MAGNETIC Podcast in Support of MAGNETIC Festival in Czech Republic

I was sent some music by someone from Live61, an events organizer from the Czech Republic (!!!) a few days ago and I finally went to click on the soundcloud to listen to the podcast they sent.

The podcast is actually called MAGNETIC Radio and it was launched in support of the MAGNETIC Festival in Prague which focuses on electronic dance music. This particular podcast I listened to is 1 hour of dance music by Czech DJ John Culter.

Here is the said podcast:

I’m not that big on electronic dance music or that was what I thought. LOL.

While there wasn’t anything groundbreaking in general, it is good stuff simply because it achieved something extremely important in electronic dance music DJ-ing: continuity in the rhythm/groove even if there is a change in the music’s beat/tempo.

Maybe I’ve been mislead by the bullshit music I usually hear in the clubs in Singapore (on those really few occasions that I go) to think that I don’t enjoy dance music. After hearing this podcast, I realised that I’ve probably been going to the clubs at the wrong day and time.

The last time I remember where I really enjoyed myself at a dance music party/club in Singapore was when I went to the dance party where Samantha Ronson was spinning. A good dance DJ will never let the music stop and abruptly change the music’s tempo. The music leads you through the tempo and groove changes and keeps you going without realising how much time has passed until the music stops.

Now, if only my ankle would get well soon… the feet is feeling the itch to dance!

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