SPOTTED: Louise Lei Sze Kei in Singapore 2013

Look who I bumped into while shopping today!!

Louise Lei Si Kei (李司棋)

What a complete surprise!! 🙂

I recognise her as “Hor Ma” (荷妈) in Moonlight Resonance (溏心风暴之家好月圆) instantly but it took me a while to figure out her real name. Hahaha.

Louise Lee was a nice matronly lady and she was really surprised how we even knew who she was. She actually thought we were teenagers and was genuinely wondering how we knew about her. Hahaha. It was quite amusing actually.

She started speaking in Cantonese but she realised that we might not understand her so she switched to speaking to us in halting Mandarin and English. Fortunately, I can speak Cantonese so I responded back to her in Cantonese. She’s cool but her manager really wasn’t that cool.

I asked Louise Lee for an autograph and she said ok, however, the manager asked me what I wanted her to sign and I showed her a cue card. It was all I have on me (apart from receipts) but the manager was like, “It is better not to sign on a white paper.” So I didn’t get an autograph in the end. Whatever. The strange things/requests with Asian artists. Like who walks around with the CD/DVD of their favourite artists right?

Still, it’s all cool coz it is still such a surprise and at least she was more than happy to take pictures. And as she left, she even bothered to turn back and say “bye”. Which was totally cute of her. Hahaha.

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