How to get to Heejin/Heechul’s K-Story in Myeongdong, Seoul 2013

[UPDATE | 14 APRIL 2015] Heestory has closed down around October 2014 and Yoogane has taken over the shop space now.

This blog post is also a special request from fellow ELFs before I left for my trip to Seoul. 🙂

If you don’t know, I made a “how to get to Everysing in Myeongdong” before I left for Seoul. From there, it is VERY EASY to find Heejin/Heechul’s K-story shop.

All you have to do is WALK OUT of SPAO and then turn left. Heejin/Heechul’s K-story is just a little bit down the street. You can see it from the entrance/exit of the SPAO building.

Heejin/Heechul's K-Story
view from the SPAO building entrance/exit

As you can see, the sign is pretty tiny so you need to really keep a look out for it. Also, there is another K-Story at the other end of Myeongdong so you NEED to see the “希” character to know you are at the right outlet.

Here is another look from the entrance of Heejin/Heechul’s K-Story:

Heejin/Heechul's K-Story
view from the Uniqlo beside the SPAO Building (with Everysing)

Go up the stairs to the second floor and viola, you’re there!

Also, do take note that sometimes, they do not allow you to take photos inside the shop of the stuff that the fans leave for Heechul. When I was there last year, the guy in the shop told me that I couldn’t take pictures. A friend told me that when she was there, they were ok with them taking photos. So it really depends on the staff in the shop when you are there.

Here is a photo I took inside the shop last year before I got stopped:

Inside Heejin/Heechul's K-Story

I also bought a bag (25,000 won) last year coz I really like Heechulie’s autograph:

Heechul's autograph bag

Heechul's autograph bag

And then, I was given the following:

freebies - face mask sample
face mask sample
freebies - stickers

There a other merchandise from other artists apart from Super Junior. They have albums for sale as well.

Also, some of the trophies that SJ won from the various music programmes are also on display there. There is also a really tiny café in there where you can chill in, if you want to.

Have fun if you’re going there. 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to get to Heejin/Heechul’s K-Story in Myeongdong, Seoul 2013

    1. i don’t have the exact address unfortunately. I took the name card from the place only to realise that it is the address of the head office. OTL

      the closest address i can give you (if you are planning to search on maps) is “22 Chungmuro 1(il)-ga”.

      i hope it helps on top of the photos i posted to help you recognise the place. 🙂

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