How to get to Siwon’s Twosome Place in Myeongdong, Seoul 2013

This blog post is a special request from fellow ELFs before I left for my trip to Seoul. 😀

Siwon’s Twosome Place café in Myeongdong is actually at the edge of the shopping district and quite out of the way compared to Everysing and Heejin/Heechul’s K-story shop. Still, I’m very sure that as an ELF, you will want to visit the place no matter what. 🙂

So the easiest way to get there is to connect to “Seoul Wifi”, search for “Myeongdong Cathedral”/명동성당 in Google Maps and follow the directions there. When you are at Myeongdong Cathedral, look for an “Olive Young” outlet opposite a “Bee Chiang Hiang” outlet. (Be very careful here, there are 2 outlets on the same street.) Siwon’s Twosome Place café is at the second level. As I always say, “look up”.

For copy right reasons, I cannot screenshot Google/Naver map and show you where it is but look out for “태홍빌딩” (Google Maps) or “올리브영” (Naver Maps). Then you can screenshot/print the location out yourselves. 🙂

If you are taking the subway, get out at Myeongdong Station Exit 6. Walk all the way down the street until you see “Myeongdong Theater” (about 5 blocks). Then turn right, one block down, you’ll see Siwon’s Twosome Place/Olive Young.

Siwon's Twosome Place Café

You can enter via Olive Young or the lift by the side. It is the same.

The café is quite small actually (compared to a Starbucks/Holly’s Café/Coffeebean etc).

Siwon's Twosome Place Café

Needless to say, I had to sit down to get a cup of Hot Chocolate to support one of my bias. 🙂

Siwon's Twosome Place Café

Every hot drink you get, you’ll have that blue cup holder thing (which I brought back to Singapore of course!). It was very cold in Seoul when I was there last week so I didn’t even think about getting a cold drink. So I don’t know if you’ll get the cup holder thing if you get a cold drink.

They have cakes there as well. I wanted to try the tiramisu cake but they have ran out of slices. Oh well, it just means that I have to go back again some other time to have a slice right? LOL.

They also had a display of Siwon’s favourite cheesecake:

Siwon's Twosome Place Café

Looks good… only that I don’t really like cheesecake. (I was too full from lunch anyway.)

Finally, the horror. There is NO WIFI at the Twosome Place café. If you want to connect to the wifi, you’ll need to connect to “SeoulWifi” if you are near the windows or use the “Synnara” network to get online to do FourSquare check-ins, post twitpics etc. (The Synnara network is faster by the way.) The password to connect to the Synnara network is “11495473”. If it doesn’t work/they change the password, just ask the counter staff for it.

Enjoy your time there. 🙂

NOTE: There is talk that it is a pop-up store and all the Siwon stuff would be removed at some point. Anyone know if this is true?

[1 May 2013 | Update]

Bad news guys. It is real. This Twosome joint is only a temporary Siwon place. Siwon tweeted it himself yesterday:

// translation (with my subpar command of Korean): Last month of the 3 months pop-up store in Twosome Coffee. ^^ (It is a) meaningful collabo with HongRok Hyung (to create a) Siwon branded coffee (place). ^^ The end of (this) pleasant means of communication with my family (fans) is also the start of another right ^^?

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