Aaron Buckingham in Singapore 2013

For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Buckingham used to be from a boy band called V.  I am a HUGE fan of V even though they no longer exist as a musical unit today. It’s been 9 years since they first popped up on the scene. 9 damn years I’ve loved them… and counting.

So when I found out that Aaron is going to come to Singapore with Lawson, suddenly it was like Lawson who? You can’t judge me for this. I’ve known about V and Aaron for NINE years. Lawson for perhaps 2 or 3 months. I’m sorry but V >>>>>>>>>>>>> Lawson.

Anyway, when I saw Aaron with Lawson, I actually went straight to Aaron to stop him first. When he saw that I wanted him to sign on the V album “You Stood Up”. He was like, “It is nice to see the V album around here.” Needless to say, he was totally happy to sign it.

Signed V album (Aaron Buckingham only)
Signed V album (Aaron Buckingham only)

He also asked me if I still listen to it. I think I said on and off or something along that line. I was pretty overwhelmed at that point so I’m not really sure what I said. Lol. I’m pretty sure I was blabbering like I always do when I get really excited. Hahaha. I told Aaron that “Hold Me” was even my ringtone at one point.

I also mentioned that when he was transiting in Singapore a few years ago and I was one of the fans who tweeted him about signing a V album if was available for a few minutes. He actually remembered it and he was like, “WOW! Nice to meet you!” That just made my year. I’m not even kidding.

Aaron Buckingham
with Aaron Buckingham

And coz the photo was a little crappy, I asked for another photo:

Aaron Buckingham
how happy do I look?

We also took the chance to talk to Aaron for a bit and asked about the other guys in V and if he stills keep in touch with them. He says that he sees Kevin almost every weekend and the rest mostly at weddings. He then scrolled through his phone to show us a photo of all the 5 guys of V reunited at Leon’s wedding. OH. MY. GOD.

Aaron also told us that Mark is now married too and that they are looking at doing a reunion gig in Summer 2014 for their 10th anniversary since forming V.

Then while Aaron was signing something for @PopCultureBoy, he was like, “Do you want me to fake the autograph of the others for you?” LOL!!! True story. @PopCultureBoy was like, “NO!!! It’s ok!” Hahaha.

However, I was like, “why not?” so I took out a fresh new piece of cue card and got Aaron to fake the autographs of the entire  group of V. Here is the result:

Aaron Buckingham faking autographs of V
Aaron Buckingham faking autographs of V

LOL!!! It is actually pretty convincing except that Leon’s autograph doesn’t quite look like that.

This is how the REAL V autograph looks like.

Real V signed single (© @PopCultureBoy)
Real V signed single (© @PopCultureBoy)

Still, it was hysterical and then @DanielLoo and @PopCultureBoy decided that they wanted one too and Aaron gamely faked more autographs for us. Hahahaha. OMG.

I haven’t had so much fun stalking in such a long time!! Those really were the good old days dammit.

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