Lawson in Singapore 2013

If you guys didn’t know, Lawson arrived in Singapore past midnight on Thursday. It was madness and I didn’t bother to go to the arrival as it was a week day. The truth was that I wanted to meet their manager, Aaron Buckingham, more than the Lawson guys. Lol.

Anyway, when I saw the Lawson guys earlier today, there were many other fans around and fortunately, everyone did great by not running, screaming or blocking any entrance/exits. Well done! I hope everyone got the photo or autograph that you wanted with the Lawson boys.

While everyone was orderly, it was still madness because the guys were walking all over the place and it was quite hard to tell where they were and in the confusion, I also didn’t know who I’ve got an autograph and photo with. It also didn’t help that I only approached Lawson AFTER approaching Aaron Buckingham. I was overwhelmed and not really thinking straight. LOL.

So it turns out, I did managed to get an autograph from each of the members of Lawson but I missed out on a photo with Ryan. Oh well.

Here it is:

Andy Lawson
Andy Lawson

** Only posting the photo with Andy because the rest are quite crappy and kinda blurred.

Adam's autograph
Adam’s autograph
Ryan's autograph
Ryan’s autograph
Andy's autograph
Andy’s autograph
Joel's autograph
Joel’s autograph

That said, how many of you will I be seeing at the showcase in like a few hours? 🙂

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