Hyun Bin Fan Meeting in Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

Firstly, big up to FreshKon® who is one of the sponsors who chipped in to bring Hyun Bin to Singapore for the fan meeting. They gave me a pair of tickets to go see Hyun Bin live in person!

Hyun Bin Live in Singapore!

I must say that this is my first ever fan meeting for an Asian artist and I didn’t really know what to expect. Furthermore, Hyun Bin is an actor, so I was really wondering what is he going to do for 2 hours at the fan meeting.

Still, time managed to fly by quickly during the fan meeting. It started at 7.30 pm with Hyun Bin singing “That Man” from the Secret Garden OST. I was really surprised. Hyun Bin can sing! His voice control was a bit lacking but with a bit of training, he would make a really good singer actually.

The audience interaction segments were definitely very interesting. The first one was where everyone in the audience would stand up and Hyun Bin would list a criterion. If you do not meet the criterion, you had to sit down. Those who remain standing went up on stage and got a signed book and a hug from Hyun Bin. The book is the one that was featured in the Secret Garden drama. Dammit. I want!

Hyun Bin Live in Singapore!
My friend went on stage and got this book and a hug from Hyun Bin!

The second audience interaction segment involved Hyun Bin randomly picking 10 slips of paper and called the fans in the audience. (We put our numbers in a box as we entered the venue.) Those 10 lucky fans then got to take a picture with Hyun Bin.

The final audience interaction segment had Hyun Bin walking around the parameter of the stage and taking photos or signing autographs with a few lucky fans.

In between the audience interaction segment, Hyun Bin sang and did a laser/light performance. He sang 3 songs in total for the whole fan meeting. I only know he sang “That Man” at the start and Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” at the end. Don’t know the song in between. Sorry.

As for the laser/light performance thing, there was a major technical problem where the lights failed. Hyun Bin looked visibly miffed that his performance didn’t go as planned. He wanted to redo the performance but unfortunately, the technical issues couldn’t be fixed and Hyun Bin was very apologetic about it. What a perfectionist and professional! Hyun Bin ah, it’s ok!

Finally, the highlight of the night was how as everyone was leaving, DJ Ken from Radio 1003 told everyone that below some of the chair was a red card which entitles you to go on stage after the show to Hi-5 with Hyun Bin.

It set everyone into a mad scramble to hunt for the coveted card. Fortunately, I managed to find one and quickly went to join the queue to see Hyun Bin up close and personal. Hehehe.


It was meant to be a hi-5 session but when I got on stage, I saw Hyun Bin shaking hands with everyone (which is even better!) so I shook hands with him too. He has a really firm grip and what left an impression on me during that few seconds was how his hand was so warm and soft. I didn’t even really look properly at his chiselled face. Lol… I was kinda distracted by his biceps. Hahaha.

Anyway, once again, a big thanks to the cool people at FreshKon® for the tickets to the fan meet. 🙂

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And finally, here are the photos of Hyun Bin which turned out decent from the fan meeting. I swear that my photos do no justice to his handsome face.

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