How to Get to Super Junior Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit Cafe, Seoul

Mouse Rabbit Cafe
Mouse Rabbit Cafe

That said, it is really easy to get to Mouse Rabbit Cafe. Take Line 2 to Konkuk University Station (Kondae) and get out at Exit 2. After you get down the flight of stairs, turn left and walk straight until you see a Gongcha outlet. There should be an alley with a Samsung outlet beside it. Turn left and viola, you’re there.

If you want to look on the map, Mouse Rabbit is marked on Naver Map. Look for 능동로 11 길(Neungdong-ro 11 gil).

I actually like Mouse Rabbit Cafe a lot. I would highly recommend going there to hang out actually. It is my favourite Super Junior related establishment to visit actually.

I actually like the place so much that I went there 4 times during this trip. 🙂 I lugged my laptop down to the place to blog actually. It is really comfortable and I like how it is a proper table and chair with power supply available for your to charge up your phone/laptops. It really is conducive if you want to get things done actually.


I actually had a dark chocolate cake and green tea while I was there and man, the dark chocolate cake was nice but way too sweet for my liking. Then again, I’ve come to realise that Koreans like their desserts and cake really sweet and I do not like sweet stuff. I settled for green tea thereafter.

Also, unlike Donghae’s Grill5 Taco place, I have absolutely no complains/gripes about Mouse Rabbit Cafe. The Kim family obviously have done this long enough to get things right.

During one of my visits to Mouse Rabbit Cafe, I was lucky enough to be able to order from Mr Kim Jongwoon personally. 😀 I basically blanked out when it was my turn to order. LOL. I was such an idiot.

Initially when I joined the queue, Yesung was wearing shades but about 5 or 6 people to go, he suddenly took off his sunglasses. Holy crap. He looked well rested, happy and relaxed. In a good mood basically.

I had already planned to order in English as I know all my Korean will fail me once it’s my turn. LOL. So when it was my turn, Yesung looked me in the eye earnestly and smiled. That’s it man. I was gone.

I managed to say, “Can I have an Ice Peach Tea please?” to Yesung and he nodded. He had no problems understanding me and yes he understands simple English.

I had the Mouse Rabbit card which already had 10 stamps so the Ice Peach Tea that I just ordered was actually a free drink. So when I handed him my card, he saw that it as full and went, “OH!” and drew on it:


Like I mentioned earlier, I was already gone. So when Yesung returned the card to me, I took it and then I gave him cash. OTL lol. He actually took the cash, looked confused for a while and returned it to me. By then, I got confused too and then he looked left and right wondering how to tell me that the drink was actually free. He finally looked at me, put his arms up in a cross “X” and said “no”.


Yesung then gave me the buzzer and receipt. As I moved away, my friend was saying to Yesung, “It’s free right?” and Yesung was like, “uuumm” and nodded his head earnestly.

I will never forget this cup of Ice Peach Tea:


It serves as a reminder of what an epic fail I am in front of my Super Junior boys. OTL And Yesung is not even my favourite member!! I do not even want to imagine how much more badly I will fail if I ever get the chance to interact with EunSiHae. LOL.

PS: Yemum says that Yesung goes to Mobit whenever he feels like it and there is no fixed schedule. So good luck if you are planning to head down.

6 thoughts on “How to Get to Super Junior Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit Cafe, Seoul

  1. Omg you so lucky!!! Definitely my first destination when I go to SK! I need to get that mobit card too

    1. Actually, at the beginning, there were people who tried to take his photo at mobit and he was really angry (i’ve seen it)… But most people know the rules by now. ^^

  2. Thank u for the directions!! It helped alot! But now, the samsung store is being replaced by Olleh store! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the clear set of instructions!! It was really helpful and I managed to find the cafe (without much homework done. :P).

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