Tegan and Sara Arrival in Singapore 2013

Canadian indie rocker twins Tegan and Sara arrived in Singapore earlier today.

Honestly, I was a little worried about stalking identical twins act because you always mix up who is who and then you end up getting an autograph or photo twice from the same twin thinking that it’s a different person. (True story.)

Anyway, it was a good thing that Tegan and Sara were not wearing matching clothes (the way Jedward did when they arrived) and they have different piercings so it was easier to make sure that you approach each of them once. Lol.

There were about 10 fans or so at the airport waiting for Tegan and Sara. It might have been more but it was really crowded at the airport so I couldn’t really tell how many fans there were actually.

Both of them were much smaller than I thought and super nice and very friendly. They obliged to photos and signed autographs for all the fans present.

And here are the photos and how their autograph looks like:

Tegan Singapore 2013
Tegan's autograph
Tegan’s autograph
Sara Singapore 2013
Sara autograph
Sara’s autograph

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