Super Junior Choi Siwon in Singapore 2013 for the World Premiere of the Chanel Cruise 2013/2014 Collection

If you follow my blog regularly/follow me on Twitter, you would know how much I love Super Junior and how Choi Siwon is one of my favourite members in the group.

So needless to say, I had to go and stalk Siwon when he was alone in Singapore without the other Super Junior boys. I have heard from other fans that it is easiest to get an autograph from the Super Junior boys when they are on their individual schedules and when there are not many other fans around.

I really, really, really, really, really want to meet Siwon (and the other Super Junior members) and get an autograph and photo with them very badly. I braved the cold in an attempt to meet Siwon in Seoul last year while he was filming “Lord of the Drama” at Hongdae but I only managed to pass Siwon a note as he was leaving the filming location.

This time around, I did prepare a note to pass to Siwon but because Siwon arrived immediately after Dakota Fanning, I panicked and totally forgot about my note. Lol. So I didn’t get to pass the note to him. Oh well.

Anyway, there was a lot of fans waiting for Siwon and only Siwon. LOL. I think there was at least 60 fans. It was quite funny because before Siwon, the Korean actress who was the female lead in “Lord of the Drama” came back and most people just looked on while some fans tried to ask for an autograph or handshake. (She didn’t sign by the way.)

By luck, I was standing at a position where I was the first person Siwon saw when he got out of the car. He smiled and I died.

He actually came to me first and so I said, “Siwon, sign” and because of the huge crowd, Siwon looked at me in the eyes and said very kindly and sincerely, “I’m sorry” and tried to shake my hand instead. However, I was holding a marker in my right hand so it was quite an awkward positioning there and Siwon actually tried to shake my fist. Lol…

Also, there were other fans who asked Siwon to sign but Siwon said “Only handshake.” And the security guards who were nice enough were like amplifiers coz they kept repeating, “only handshake… only handshake.” Lol.

As Siwon moved, the crowd followed. I was trapped within the crowd so I had to move along as well or else people might fall or something. I’m not really complaining because the crowd wasn’t pushing/rowdy at all or anything and also because it was only the security guards who was between Siwon and me. Haha.

As I moved along, I managed to keep my marker and free my right hand. Then I actually whispered, “Siwon… Siwon…” and he heard me! I don’t know why I was whispering even… but he heard me. That’s all that mattered.

He looked and smiled at me again and he said something as well but it totally didn’t register what he said to me. Lol. I think it was like “hello” or something along that line.

He saw me wiggling my hand between the security guards (there was a gap between their bodies) and he reached out, took my hand and shook it. Then I died again for the nth time in that 1 minute. Lol.

After the handshake, I managed to get out of the crowd and I didn’t follow Siwon any further. I think I stood there for a while totally stunned. I actually am not very sure what happened after that but all I remembered is Siwon looking into my eyes and saying “I’m sorry”. His voice was so gentle, sweet and nice.

Also, Siwon was speaking in English the entire time and his crappy Korean-accented English was just so adorable!!!!!! I really can’t help but love him even more now. That handshake has made my year.

Must say a good job to all the fans who were present for not being rowdy and cooperative. ^^ Thank you. I don’t have any photos out of the whole jostling around and here is a crappy shot of the back of Siwon’s head. Lol. It’s the best I could manage:


I must add though that whoever who was taking photos with flash needs to go hone your photo taking skills more. To take photos with flash at such a near distance is really painful on the eyes.



It is very fortunate for us that I think Siwon secretly loves being mobbed by fans who behave so he was really friendly and lovely the entire time… even when the camera flash went off. I know of other celebrities who would get pissed off and walk away immediately and hence ruining things for other fans.

So I am asking all of you fans, ELFs or not to please not be rowdy and not use the camera flash if you are within 2 arms length of the celebrity when you want to take photos of them. The fan/stalker-fan experience will be better for everyone and the artist (if they are nice as most of them are) would be more likely to walk slower/be happy to be mobbed by fans and sign stuff.

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