A-Prince Singapore Promo Showcase 2013 Post Mortem

This A-Prince showcase is actually my first proper K-pop showcase. I kid you not. πŸ™‚ I must say that I did enjoy myself a lot and I’m not just saying it because I’m being extremely biased towards Siyoon and Sungwon.

A-Prince Singapore 2013 Showcase

The showcase started at about 2.15 pm with a dance performance by a group called Cl1max. There was a video clip of the A-Prince boys before they took the stage with “λ„ˆ ν•˜λ‚˜λ§Œ 생각해 [translated title: You’re The Only One]”.

As with every Korean artist, they would always introduce themselves. So as A-Prince were introducing themselves, a fanboy screamed. LOL. A-Prince was so surprised and Woobin burst out laughing while Sungwon went “Wow!”. That whole incident was super hilarious and epic. πŸ™‚ Fortunately, I was video recording the greeting and have managed to capture the entire incident:

** NOTE: I just put some rough subs in the video and I know the timing is a bit off etc… forgive me.

ROFL!!! Daebak!!!

Now let’s get a bit technical.

As a rookie group, they are pretty together dancing but vocally, they still need to put in some more work. It is actually quite obvious to me how inexperienced they are but that is part of their charm right?

I do see showmanship in their stage presence but I would like to hear more vocalΒ prowessΒ from them… especially from Sungwon. I feel that there’s so much more that he can do. I like Minhyuk’s rapping though.

That said, they are still really very new to the music scene, young, have a good sense of humour and a positive attitude. Since they had been so nice to me, I’m definitely giving them a chance and I am rooting for them to improve and do well in the future.

Also, we had the world premiere of their new song “Mambo”, “I Love You” and “My Lady” during the showcase.

I must say that I kinda like their title track off the new mini-album “Mambo”. They incorporated the latino elements of the mambo dance into the song and I thought it was quite interesting and cool. That said, the songs should be released in Korea in the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to watching their music video for this song.

Here is the set list at the 2 hour long showcase:

  • λ„ˆ ν•˜λ‚˜λ§Œ 생각해 [translated title: You’re The Only One]
  • Oh Girl
  • Hug (cover of DBSK)
  • Mirotic (cover of DBSK)
  • κ°€μŠ΄μ•„ κ·Έλ§Œν•΄ (cover of MC the Max)
  • What Makes You Beautiful (cover of One Direction)
  • One Thing (cover of One Direction)
  • [NEW SONG] I Love You
  • When I’m Missing You (Dance cover; Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112)
  • [NEW SONG] My Lady
  • [NEW SONG] Mambo
  • Hello
  • ENCORE: Gangnam Style/Gentleman Medley

And finally, here are the photos from the showcase. Enjoy!

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