A-Prince in Singapore 2013 Meet & Greet Hi-5 Session Post Mortem

So I couldn’t stay away from A-Prince. Lol. I’m addicted. I haven’t been so addicted to a kpop band/group since Super Junior.

Initially, I didn’t want to head down to to the meet & greet hi-5 session because the event was held in JCube all the way in Jurong. It is so far away (by Singaporean standards) and I usually won’t even thinking about heading over to that part of Singapore.

However, a friend wanted to go see A-Prince to take more photos and ask me to go along. It really wasn’t very difficult to convince me to go really. Just say Si.Won. LOL…

A-Prince Singapore 2013 Hi-5 Session

So upon arrival, they immediately launched into a performance of “Hello”.

After a short introduction, they performed their next single “Mambo”. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post about the showcase, I like the mambo bits of the song. There was an embargo yesterday on recording the new songs so I respected the request. They performed the song today and wahey! I recorded it…

What do you guys think of the song?

After that, they started to let fans and the general public get on stage to hi-5 the boys. I personally wouldn’t call it a hi-5 session because everyone did a hi-10. Haha… That was a lame joke but you get the idea. 😀

Since I had the ticket from the showcase yesterday, I was like, I might as well get on stage to hi-10 them since I’m already here. So glad I joined the queue. 🙂

My Korean didn’t fail me today and I could cheer them on in Korean as I hi-10 them one by one down the line. The boys remembered me from Seoul/the last few days and Sungwon was super excited when he saw me. Lol. And I finally remembered to ask for a hug from Siyoon today (he is too skinny!). Mission accomplished.

And here are the photos of A-Prince from the hi-5 session today. Enjoy!

[25 May 2013 | Update]

LOL!!!! So I woke up this morning to an @mention from @MapleMelts telling me of this “scandalous” looking photo of Siyoon and me…

A-Prince Meet & Greet/Hi-5 Session
photo credit: JNation Entertainment Facebook page

LOL… Epic. Can’t stop laughing…. lol…

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