HP YouTube Fan Fest 2013 in Singapore Day 1 Press Conference

Present in the Day 1 press conference were Cooking With Dog, MyChonny, Steph Micayle, Hikakin, Namewee, Mighty Car Mods, Chester See and David Choi.

I must admit that I didn’t really know who most of them YouTube superstars are (I know David Choi of coz). I am pretty music centric so when Might Car Mods and Cooking with Dog were mentioned, I was like, “who?”

Still, keeping an open mind, I headed into the press conference with no idea what I was in for and nothing prepared to ask. Haha.

It turned out to be a pretty good idea actually. I just went with the flow and just chipped into the conversation as things went on. The press conference was actually quite enjoyable because the guys from Mighty Car Mods and Chester See talk too much and they were basically having this huge and pretty entertaining insight/debate into their idea of subscribers/views/fame/popularity.

MyChonny is hilarious as you’d expected and his videos are really just an exaggerated expression of his real personality and self.

It was a pretty informal press conference and it kinda felt like a house party with the artists literally showing up one by one. That said, Chester See made this super epic grand entrance actually. He was too early for his slot and ended up gatecrashing/interrupting the interview session for the previous group.

There was basically too much information being shared and talked about during that short 1 hour session. And I’m sure you’ll read all about it via the other media articles. I’ll just give you guys what you love best… photos. πŸ™‚

I apologize for the brief nature of this post but there’s just too many things to talk about and there ain’t enough time for me to put everything down. If there’s anything else that want to know, just give me a @mention on Twitter or leave a comment here and I’ll answer what I can. πŸ™‚

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