Astro “The 1st Season” Showcase in Bangkok 2017 Hi-touch Post Mortem

Astro "The 1st Season" Showcase in Bangkok 2017
Astro “The 1st Season” Showcase in Bangkok 2017

After the approximately 2.5 hours showcase, Astro went off stage at around 7.36 pm (TH) to take a short rest before the group photo, hi-touch and fan sign sessions for the CAT1 ticket holders and some lucky fans.

While Astro was off stage, they played an exclusive behind the scenes video of Astro practising the showcase in Thailand.

Astro "The 1st Season" Showcase in Bangkok 2017
Astro “The 1st Season” Showcase in Bangkok 2017. L-R: Yoon Sanha, MJ, Moon Bin, Cha Eunwoo, Jinjin and Rocky

When Astro came back on stage, they proceeded with the group photos first. After that was the hi-touch session before ending off with the autograph session. That’s a whole lot of fan service man! It’ll be fan service to the max when they allow individual selfies and hugs like the Bigstar one I went to in Manila. Hehehe. I’m greedy and I’m sure all of you feel the same way too.

When it was finally my turn to go up on stage for the hi-touch, it was quite chaotic by then. For some reason, Yoon Sanha, MJ and Moon Bin were standing very close to each other so there was a human traffic jam there while Cha Eunwoo, Jinjin and Rocky were so spaced out and had no fans in front of them at some point.

Sanha realised that the fan in front of me is a Korean and he just commented, “Oh hey! You are Korean!” and just because there was a human traffic jam, I didn’t get to say anything to Sanha but I just hi-touched him, smiled and had to move.

When it was my turn to hi-touch MJ, I managed to talk to him. However, because I had to keep moving, I didn’t even get look at Binnie (but I was definitely conscious of how warm Binnie’s hands felt) as I hi-touched him while MJ and I were trying to finish our short conversation of 2 sentences. LOL. 빈아, 미안해. I’m very sure Binnie was listening to what we were saying anyway. At the same time, because MJ and I were trying to finish 2 sentences, MJ also wasn’t really paying attention to the fan behind me. Oops. Sorry!!

There was a pretty large gap between Binnie and Eunwoo so I had the time to look at Eunwoo’s beautiful face as I walked over. Eunwoo looked and sounded so tired as he hi-touched me and said, “안녕~”. That poor boy. 💔

I don’t know if Jinjin was speaking in Korean or English to the other fans during the hi-touch session but I was definitely very shocked when he spoke to me in English. LOL. I guess it’s in part because I wasn’t expecting it as well. Also, I know the girl in front of me is Korean so Jinjin would have definitely said something in Korean to her. And because I was so shocked, I think I took one step backwards after I heard Jinjin uttering something like, “nice to meet you” in English to me. LOL.

I must have had a pretty large reaction to Jinjin’s English coz when I moved over to hi-touch Rocky, he was giving me this look. LOL. I don’t think I said anything to Rocky because things was just happening too quickly and then I had to leave the stage area.

This hi-touch session was definitely way more rushed than the one I went to in Seoul but I still enjoyed and am grateful for the experience. 짧은 시간이 보냈지만 좋은 추억을 만들렸다.

I want to also add that every time I interact with MJ, I grow more and more fond of him. He is seriously such a bias wrecker. Jinjin’s #2 spot in my heart is in serious danger from the fierce competition from MJ.

Can’t wait to do this all over again when Astro comes to Singapore on 5 March 2017 for their first showcase here! 😊

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