Chester See at the Star Social Awards 2013 Press Conference

Honestly, I was actually quite surprised as to why Chester See was at the press conference. He wasn’t a performer at the Star Social Awards so I was a bit like, “huh?” when he came on stage to be interviewed.

It was actually a little awkward because many of the media people in the audience were actually the same people who were there at the YouTube Fan Fest press conference so whatever we wanted to ask have already been asked.

It was only after the whole press conference ended that I realised that they must have asked Chester See to come on stage in place of Ceelo Green.

Damn. This is the second time I got stood up by Ceelo Green. Damn you Ceelo, damn you.

Anyway, I didn’t bother to take any photos of Chester See because I have already taken so many of them during the YouTube Fan Fest press conference and the actual YouTube Fan Fest itself.

That said, I still made a video of his interview and you can watch it here:

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