SkyBlu at the Social Star Awards 2013 Press Conference

SkyBlu’s interview at the Social Star Awards 2013 press conference is actually pretty entertaining. He is so cool and happy to spill the goss. Haha. SkyBlu was asking for spicy/saucy questions (which reminded me once again why I usually prefer stalking and talking/interviewing English international acts). They are way more cool with naughty/fun questions and are not worried to mess up. It was pretty much whatever goes.

I thought it was pretty epic when SkuBlu spilled how back in the days (before he has a girlfriend), he would used to take a laser pointer, aim it at the girls in the audience and tell the security folks, “I want that one, that one and that one back in my room later.” True story as he says.

Once again, coz I was also taking photos and live tweeting at the press conference, I couldn’t man the camera to zoom in and out properly. I know visually it sucks but you can hear the interview in full here:

And here are the photos which turned out well:

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