Electrico at Music Matters Live 2013 Post Mortem

After the Star Social Awards press conference and its associated adventure, I headed down to Clarke Quay for Music Matters Live.

I head down to Music Matters Live every year to check out new acts and reacquaint with familiar faces. So I was actually quite torn and sad that I wasn’t able to go down for all days of Music Matters Live this year because of the Social Star Awards.

Initially, I was really tired and even contemplated skipping Music Matters Live totally this year but then my fave local band and friends Electrico were performing after a 3 years hiatus off stage so I dragged myself down for it. I also wanted to watch Little Boot’s set in full but her set was too late and I was really tired so I left after Electrico performed.

Electrico at Music Matters Live 2013

Electrico did mostly new songs so I have no idea what they are so I didn’t track the song list. I just remember that they did 4 songs and the new stuff sounds kinda like the musc in their first 2 albums “So Much More Inside” and “Hip City” but with a rockier edge. Definitely radio-friendly.

Still, it was really nice to catch up with the guys as a band after seeing them here and there individually previously. 🙂

Electrico are playing at Baybeats this year (June) so you can go check them out then!

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