Metallica Live in Singapore 2013

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Metalheads! Metallica is coming to Singapore to play a concert at the Changi Exhibition Centre on 24 August 2013!

Ticket prices are not out yet at the time of writing.

I suggest that you guys take the time from now till the ticket information is released to work out how you are going to get to and from the Changi Exhibition Centre. I found the location map of the Changi Exhibition Centre and it looks like it is only accessible via cars/taxis.

I am also not sure what is going to be the arrangement like for parking. Or if LAMC Productions will arrange for shuttle buses or something. I’ll post more information if I can find any. Or if you know of how best to get to and from Changi Exhibition Centre, do post in the comments as well and I’ll repost the information (with credits of coz) in this entry.

[24 June 2013 | update]

Good news guys! LAMC Productions are arranging for shuttle services to and from the concert venue on the concert date. However, do take note that the shuttle service costs $5 one way. Exact pick up locations and shuttle service timings will be released later.

Also, take note that if you are taking a cab out of the concert venue AFTER the show, there is an additional surcharge on the cab fare (not sure how much).

Ticket prices are out now! They are priced at $188 and $148. Prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $3 Sistic fee.

Why don’t you guys just group together and carpool if someone is driving. Make some new friends or something. 🙂

Hashtag it: #MetallicaSG

[21 August 2013 | Update]

ANVIL has been announced to open for Metallica!

Also, the shuttle service information is out!

The shuttle bus will pick up point is at Singapore Expo Hall 3B and the first bus at 2.00 pm and there’ll be a bus every 15 minutes. After the concert, the shuttle bus drops you off at the Singapore Expo or Changi Airport.

Shuttle bus tickets MUST be purchased in advance from Sistic. Each return trip ticket costs $10.00 (no additional fees).

6 thoughts on “Metallica Live in Singapore 2013

  1. Im handicapped…is it possible to watch metallica concert..(cannot standind too long)

    1. why not? though i’m not sure how long you cannot stand for. as far as i know, the changi exhibition centre is where they do the airshow every 2 years and it is concrete flooring. don’t see why you can’t sit on the floor if you are tired. 🙂 if you want to bring a chair etc, i suggest you try to get in touch with lamc productions to check/make special arrangements.

  2. LOL. Such ex prices, no seating and outdoor? LAMC must be mad. This is no way to hold a Metallica concert. At least, they got it right 20 years ago at the Indoor Stadium (a more practical location).

  3. Is anyone else going for this concert please do message me or add me on facebook. (sudarshan MUFC) profile name ^_^

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