Nu’est Singapore 2013 Press Conference

Earlier today, Nu’est had a press conference at 10.00 am. I actually bothered to wake up in the morning for them. Weekends are meant for sleeping-in in but what to do? It wasn’t in me to miss out on an opportunity to see celebrities up close. Haha.

First up, I must thank the super nice people at FIJI Water for extending the invitation to attend the press conference. Please remember to go and thank them for having a role in bringing Nu’est back to Singapore for the showcase.

Nu'est Singapore 2013 press conference

I must say that Ren is everything that everyone tell me he is; too pretty. LOL. He is really, really, really pretty. I don’t really know what else to say about him except that he is so pretty it should be illegal.

The press conference was about 30 minutes and in that time, amongst all the questions that were posed to them, I remember best about the types of characters they would like to portray in a movie/drama series. Aron wanted to be a flower boy like in “Boys Over Flowers” and Baekho wanted to be in an action hero role. Their answer made me giggle because none of them (except Ren) strikes me to be of the “flower boy” type.

Also, before the Nu’est boys came into the room, the mc was bantering about how Nu’est’s MV “Hello” had a dance with the tie and he polls the media folks in the room over what Nu’est will wear today. Haha. You know, the things we do when we are bored and trying to kill time.

So true enough, the Nu’est boys were wearing a tie and it was funny because the mc asked Nu’est who can tie a tie the best and Aron revealed that he was the only member who knew how to tie a tie. The rest of them don’t know how to do it. Haha.

And to follow up, the mc asked if those who didn’t know how to tie a tie were expecting their future girlfriend/wife to tie it for them. Then Baekho said something like, “I don’t really like to wear a tie so it is ok.” So you girls can stop stressing now. 🙂

Anyway, as of now, I haven’t decided if I will upload the video of the press conference because I haven’t reviewed the video yet and I will need to leave soon for the showcase at Kallang Theatre. I’ll confirm again tonight or tomorrow.

So for now, to tide you guys over, enjoy yourselves with the photos from the press conference earlier:


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[23 June 2013 | Update]

So I reviewed the video and found it to be awesome so I’m uploading the video of the FULL press conference. 🙂 [Do not reupload. Let me know if you want to make gifs/subs for other languages etc. Thanks.]

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