SPOTTED: Gordon Ramsay in Singapore 2013

Oh yeah, I just had to. You guys know that right? 🙂 Especially how I’ve been going on about Gordon Ramsay doing the cook-off this Sunday at the Newton Hawker Centre. I am a really huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and honestly, never have I thought that one day, I’ll be able to meet him, let alone in Singapore.

I was reflecting on the celebrities/artists I like and I realise that Gordon Ramsay is probably my favourite celebrity chef. I guess it had everything to do with how I’ve watched at least one episode of probably 70% of all the series that he has ever been on/made; with “Gordon Ramsay’s Cook-a-long” being my favourite series. (The one with Gok Wan is my favourite episode.)

Anyway, despite his fiery persona and potty mouth image on TV, I know that Gordon Ramsay is a really nice guy. A bit of a softie even. And that said, I still wouldn’t want to be in the same kitchen with him. He will scream at me and then I will cry. Lol.

So when I saw Gordon Ramsay, I got really excited and I started trembling all over. When Gordon looked over, I did a little wave (why did I even do that?) and he smiled back. I quickly walked over and asked if he could sign an autograph. While he was definitely in a rush, he still said, “Sure” and signed for us.

While he was signing, he asked, “Where is Jennifer?” and since he was facing us when he asked the question, I just reflexively replied, “I have no idea.” LOL. I mean I don’t even know who she is actually but it was just an instinctive reaction. Gordon then, was like, “That question actually wasn’t meant for you.” LOL… Actually, I know… but really, I wasn’t thinking. I was functioning on auto-pilot by then. The things I do when I get excited.

So yeah, despite what you see on Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word, Gordon Ramsay is a very lovely and very nice guy. Can’t wait to see the cook-off this Sunday! It really is going to be epic!

And here are the photos. Gordon Ramsay looks and sounds EXACTLY the same as he does on TV. And just so you know, he was crouching down a little in the photo.

Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay autograph

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