Super Show 5 in Singapore Post Mortem

I contemplated for a long time on how should I write this concert review. I had initially planned to talk about the stage, lighting and production since I now have a full view of the stage. And from there, make comparisons between the Seoul stage/production and the Singapore one but after the concert last night, it felt so irrelevant to review the concert that way.

So I’m going to write this post on how I felt as a fan. (Though some of you guys know that I know way more stuff than a regular fan.)

Super Show 5 Singapore
Sapphire Blue ocean at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

As I have already watched Super Show 5 twice in Seoul, there wasn’t anything much that was new to me but I still enjoyed the performances. It is always a joy to watch Super Junior on stage.

Super Show 5 Singapore

However, because Yesung is not around, they removed quite a few songs. For the super heroes costume video, they re-edited the video to take Yesung’s part out as well. They also added a music track and lots of words and pop ups in the video in the Singapore edition. I actually thought the soundtrack for the Seoul version was funnier. Then again, whatever works best I guess.

Super Show 5 Singapore
View of the stage when I entered the stadium

Also, they changed the layout of the stage. The SS5 Seoul stage was the same as SS4 Singapore (in the 田 shape). SS5 Singapore (and Hong Kong) is of the 王 shape. The 田 shape is definitely more fun. The boys run around more freely and the fans at the seats can see our boys much closer.

Here is the Seoul setlist again and what was changed in Singapore:

  1. Intro VCR
  2. Mr Simple
  3. Bonamana
  4. Super Girl (Korean version; Super Junior + Henry + Zhoumi. All 11 of them)
  5. Greeting
  6. VCR: SJI
  7. It’s You (NoeRaGo)
  8. VCR
  9. Sexy, Free and Single
  10. Boom Boom
  11. Club No 1
  12. VCR
  13. So Cold (EunSiHae + Henry)
  14. 서른즈음에 (At around 30; Kangin Solo)
  15. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? (Kyuhyun + Sungmin, + Ryeowook + Zhoumi)
  16. Gray/Carbon Paper (Yesung solo)
  17. Harlem Shake dance performance (Shindong + Eunhyuk + Donghae)
  18. Alone (Siwon + Kangin + Ryeowook + Sungmin)
  19. VCR (Zhoumi + Sungmin + Henry + Ryeowook)
  20. Break Down (Chinese version; SJM)
  21. A-Oh (Chinese version; SJM)
  22. Go! (Chinese version; SJM)
  23. Shake It Up
  24. Rockstar
  25. VCR (Donghae + Kyuhyun)
  26. 중 (joong; new KRY song)
  27. Daydream
  28. Medley: Bittersweet/Someday/Memories
  29. VCR: Super Heroes
  30. Dreaming Hero <<< SJ + Henry + Zhoumi cosplay here.
  31. Wonder Boy <<< SJ + Henry + Zhoumi cosplay here.
  32. VCR: dance tutorial.
  33. Sunny
  34. VCR: Marry U soundtrack
  35. Marry U
  36. ENCORE: Sorry, Sorry
  37. ENCORE: Show Me Your Love (SJ + Henry + Zhoumi)
  38. ENCORE: Sapphire Blue
  39. Thank you speeches
  40. ENCORE: So I
  41. VCR: bloopers and behind the scenes
  42. Eunhyuk’s surprise speech

All the fun of a Super Show was completely destroyed by Eunhyuk’s surprise speech after the concert ended. And when I say ended, I mean that the house lights are on and one quarter of the stadium has left. I was already at the exit when I heard screaming and I ran back in.

Super Show 5 Singapore

I ran back just in time to hear Eunhyuk asking all the fans to make a fan cam of what he is about to say and upload it for all the fans in Korea and the world to watch. When I heard that, I wanted to cry. I knew exactly what he was going to talk about.

I am not going to repeat what he said nor explain what the fuss is about. It is too many words and pointless if you don’t understand how the events, music and entertainment industry works on the inside. I intend for it to remain within the fandom as much as possible. I do not want to fuel anything and I just want everyone to move on and drop the issue asap.

I just want to say that I am extremely sad for the boys because I know that it all means to them. It was already bad enough that the usual 2 nights of Super Show in Singapore (there were 2 days of Super Show 3 and 4) was reduced down to 1 night for Super Show 5.  It didn’t help when the boys said things like

  • “I guess not many people wants to see us anymore.”
  • “If we do Super Show 6 in Singapore next year, will anyone still come?”
  • “Maybe we’re asking too much from Singaporean fans and should just sing the first first of our songs next time.” Fortunately, they could still joke about it and add that if they sing the first verse for their repertoire of 80 songs which is still going to be a very long concert. lol.

It was devastating because there are definitely fans in Singapore and I know that many are school kids and couldn’t afford the ticket prices or couldn’t make it on the date. And I must say that for a mostly Singaporean audience, the reaction was actually fantastic in terms of cheering and fan chants. Not the famed passive Singaporean audience that I saw at many other concerts.

The sheer timing of everything (from concert announcement till the concert last night) and the series of event that happened just sucked big time. What if the Super Junior boys and probably even SM Entertainment misunderstand that that Singapore no longer cares for them. Or even worse, Super Show 6 won’t even come to Singapore.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy myself at the concert last night and would sit through it all over again but the overall feel is that Super Show 5 Singapore was heart breaking. It was even sadder than watching Yesung cry and look so sad as he walked off the stage for the last time before he enlisted. Now that I think about it, Super Show 5 Singapore will probably go down in the history of Super Junior a pretty significant date…

Anyway, the sadness ends here. Let’s all move on, look ahead and spread the love with the photos from last night:

2 thoughts on “Super Show 5 in Singapore Post Mortem

  1. Like your post mortem. I left the concert, feeling sad. Over these weeks after, I felt worse when I see their super fun pictures from concerts in other countries. I thought they were too busy with their own schedule & had no time for Singapore concert & fans.
    But no matter what, I’ll support & cheer for these boys. :))

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