Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider


If you guys don’t know, MTV Asia is looking for someone to take over their social network accounts (ie, Twitter and Instagram) to provide live updates during the 2013 edition of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia.

Needless to say, I went berserk. It’s a (variation of) exactly what I’ve been dreaming-of for the longest time.

Truth be told, amongst ourselves in “stalkerazzi”, we’ve always fantasized and talked about how awesome it would be if we could do an “Access All Areas” backstage show like the VMAs and various other award shows we’ve ever watched on TV since we met each other in a queue during the 2003 or 2004 MTV Asia Awards, can’t remember exactly when.

Anyway, when I saw the announcement from MTV Asia about the hunt for an MTV World Stage Insider, I practically peed in my pants. IT IS EVERYTHING A CELEBRITY FANGIRL/BOY WOULD DIE FOR.

Check out the “job/benefits” of being a MTV World Stage Insider:

  1. “Takeover” MTV Asia Social Media Channels – Twitter and Instagram
  2. Have your blog reposted on MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013’s official site
  3. Have backstage pass** to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013
  4. Connect the MTV Experience with fans
  5. Potential interviews with artists, production crew and fans
  6. USD 10,000 engagement fee***

HOLY CRAP!! BACKSTAGE PASS!!! *wets pants*

So I scrolled a bit further down the page to look at the criteria and dang! It almost feels like they’re talking about me. LOL. Shameless as it sounds, I more than meet every single one of their listed criteria!

Here’s the criteria to be eligible for the MTV World Stage Insider hunt:

  1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age; <– CHECK.
  2. Be Fluent in English; <– CHECK.
  3. Be able to travel from 30 August to 9 September 2013 – possessing the stamina of a Spartan (equivalent to 10 days of hard, but fun, work); <– CHECK. If I can survive Music Matters, Music Matters Live, Social Star Awards and Social Concerts in a week ON TOP of a day job, I can survive this. v(^o^)v
  4. Have the ability to submit a creative social media resume in video or blog entry (submissions must be titled “Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider”) to MTV, telling or showing us what makes you the right person for this role; with video lengths no longer than 2 minutes; <– CHECK. I think. XD
  5. Have a blog; <– CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
  6. Have an extended social presence (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest); <– CHECK!!
  7. Have attended at least one MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia; <– CHECK!! [Check out my 2011 MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia adventure.]

Apart from meeting the above criteria, I should mention once again that contrary to popular belief, I DON’T work in the media/journalism field. I actually work in IT and part of my job is to provide advice on the design, development and maintenance of a number of the external/internet facing websites in our Asia Pacific entities. So that said, bundle that on top of this blog which I maintain as a side pet project, I have a pretty good understanding of many internet related issues including branding, legal obligations and the wrath of the internet (ie angry customers/fangirls/boys).

Speaking of fangirls/boys, if you don’t already know, I’m a fangirl myself. 🙂 I stan quite a few acts including Lady Gaga and James Morrison but currently, I’m “stan”-ing Kpop idol group, Super Junior, the hardest right now.

I stan Super Junior so much that I tweeted my way into the largest Super Junior fanbase on twitter (@WorldwideElfs; 184K+ followers at the point of writing). Nowadays, I only post the Korean/Chinese to English translations for all the tweets/weibo updates posted my beloved Super Junior boys. Once in a (long) while, I do live tweets when there is a Super Show/Super Junior M concert/fan meet somewhere in the world. The most recent live updates I did was for Super Junior M’s fan meeting in Beijing earlier this year. Search using “#SJMBeijingFM + @worldwideelfs” if anyone is interested to check out the tweets I made. 🙂

Anyway, apart from this blog post being my submission into the hunt to be a MTV World Stage Insider, you guys are beyond welcome to submit your entry to vie for this coveted “job”. Check out: for information!

Finally, good luck to all who have/will submit their entry! 🙂

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