B.A.P. Live on Earth in Singapore Open Press Conference Post Mortem

After attending the open press conference at City Square Mall for B.A.P. ahead of the Live on Earth Singapore tour date, I don’t feel so gutted about missing Hyun Bin’s open press conference now.

B.A.P. Live on Earth Singapore Press Conference 2013

While I’m all for giving and helping fans to meet/see their favourite celebrities/idols, it really was a complete disaster from a media person’s perspective.

I am lucky that I own this blog and hence I have full control on what to write or not. Unfortunately for the other people that I was talking to in the media section (yes, I was on a media pass for the B.A.P. press conference earlier), I actually felt quite sorry for them. They had an article to write but they had nothing to takeaway from the press conference.

The fans were just screaming the entire duration of the press conference and no on could hear anything. The B.A.P. boys themselves couldn’t hear the questions themselves. Despite the pleas from the emcee for the fans to stop screaming for a while, it didn’t really work. Like seriously, you think a few hundred fangirls will be able to resist not screaming when their idols are within their line of sight at an event?

Also, once again, I repeat, the media people have a job to complete. They need to get a story and photos to submit to their bosses by a certain deadline. If you were there at City Square Mall, you can see how chaotic it was in the media section and how competitive everyone was to try to get their cover photo.

At this point, I must add that I am very pissed off with 2 or 3 dumbass fangirls who think that their want to see B.A.P. is more important than the livelihood of other people and the safety of other fans at the open press conference. They climbed over the railing INTO the media section. That is completely UNACCEPTABLE and IRRESPONSIBLE behaviour and not to mention PLAIN RUDE. Just because you were blocked by the media photographers DOESN’T give you the right to climb into the media section. It was YOUR decision to stand there in the first place, so don’t blame anyone if your poor decision resulted in yourself not having a good view at the event. Suck it up. Don’t shame your fandom.

So that said, I couldn’t hear much of what was being asked and what was the answer during the open press conference. I only heard “….*mumble*… chilli crab… *mumble*… Singapore… *mumble*… clean… beautiful” and “Himchan is badman… Yongguk is goodman”. That was pretty much it.

All that I managed to takeaway from the open press conference are these photos so enjoy!

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