SKarf Dreams Come True Singapore 2013 Meet & Greet Post Mortem

After the press conference, the SKarf girls headed down to Bugis+ for a Meet & Greet/autograph signing session.

SKarf Meet & Greet Singapore 2013

It was a simple affair, the SKarf girls arrived and greeted the fans and started the autograph session.

SKarf Meet & Greet Singapore 2013

However, i am REALLY PISSED with some damn frickin’ idiot guy and the girl who was with him whoever you two are. I hope the both of you slip, fall and die of excessive blood loss. Seriously. And I totally mean it.

Halfway through the autograph signing session, that idiot guy THREW A GLASS BOTTLE down from level 4 down to the autograph session enclosure on level 2. Just so you know, the bottle landed nearer to the VIPs and media folks than the SKarf girls. Fortunately, no one was hurt… only a little startled by the whole incident.

The rest of the autograph session happened without further incident fortunately but still, whoever who threw the bottle, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!??! And to the girl who was with him, WHY DID YOU EVEN ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN?!?!? Therefore, both of you should just die.


Anyway, that aside, here are the photos from the Meet & Greet/autograph session earlier. Enjoy!

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