A-Prince in Singapore 2013 (again) Press Conference Post Mortem

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again: I love the lovely A-Prince boys. They really, really, really have a very special place in my heart. πŸ™‚

A-Prince Singapore 2013 (August) Press Conference

So despite it being only about 3 months or a bit more since the last time they came, it was difficult to say “no” to seeing the A-Prince boys again.

Truth was, most of the people who were at the press conference were also there in the press conference earlier in May and we kinda didn’t really know what to ask the boys any further as everything we wanted to know we have already asked back in May.

Anyway, the A-Prince boys said that enjoyed themselves a lot in Singapore back in May hence they came back so quickly.

I like the part it in the press conference when someone asked “How was the leader chosen?” and Sungwon said, “By looks.” Hahahahahha.

Also, it was revealed during the press conference that Siyoon and Woobin have the worst fashion sense and as a result, Siyoon is the one who usually takes the longest to be ready. XD

Woobin was also revealed to be the crybaby of the group and when asked if he wanted to say anything in defense of being called a “crybaby”, he just pouted for a bit and accepted it. Hahahaha. Oh the baby.

A-Prince Singapore 2013 (August) Press Conference

It is really nice to watch A-Prince grow as a group. They are visibly more relaxed (and tired) during the press conference as compared to May. There are a lot more casual banter amongst the members now and more group dynamics as well.

However, that said, A-Prince are still a rookie group who are just a few days shy of their 1st anniversary after they debuted (at the point of writing. I am really looking forward to see their progress and their next steps/concept as they grow up.

So here’s the bit you guys love the most, the photos. Enjoy yourselves and do take note that I do have some video footage of A-Prince which has never been released before (just give me some time to piece the videos together…). Watch this space. ^^

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