A-Prince Fan Party Singapore 2013 Post Mortem

The A-Prince fan party last night as JCube was definitely a lot of fun. The fan party was open to the public and if you didn’t take the opportunity to check A-Prince out, you have definitely missed out.

I don’t how to explain the charm of A-Prince but almost everyone I know who has seen A-Prince live in the flesh have all fallen for them. Lol. True story. They are just so easy to like. And I’m not saying this because I like them and I’m biased.

A-Prince Fan Party Singapore 2013

So here are the songs that A-Prince performed last night:

  • Only You
  • I Love You
  • What Makes You Beautiful (cover of One Direction)
  • Mambo
  • Hello
  • Oh, Girl

It was basically a reduced setlist of the showcase in earlier in May 2013.

If I wasn’t so biased about A-Prince, I would have ripped them to shreds for their cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”. I am snooty about covers of any song of an artist I like and if you didn’t know, I’m a Directioner too so I can go berserk the way a Directioner can.

Still, I heard improvements in their rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” when compared to the May 2013 version. Seungjun’s vocals have improved noticeably from memory. Their English diction in general has improved a little as well.

Also, this time around, the A-Prince boys were definitely more comfortable to pepper some English words and the Singlish “lah” into their ments. Which earned them a few more brownie points in my books. 😀

A-Prince Fan Party Singapore 2013

There was this one game segment where 5 fans were picked to go on stage from the VIP section to dance the Mambo intro leg thing. It was all going well until the attention was on one of the girls who was wearing this flow-y skirt which was threatening to fly up from the updrafts from the 2 fans at the side of the stage to cool the boys down.

I knew the girl as feeling really awkward and all but the boys actually didn’t realise the impending wardrobe malfunction. To make things worse, Sungwon decided that he wanted to stand in front of the girl to watch her facial expression. However, if he stood smack in front of her, he would have blocked the fans and a few of us in the media pit. So Sungwon decided to stand in front below the stage.

Bad idea. LOL.

When he started to walk down from the stage, the fans started chanting “변태 (byun-tae; pervert)”. The poor A-Prince boys have absolutely no idea why the fans were chanting “변태 (byun-tae; pervert)” until Sungwon neared the middle of the stage and realised that the girl’s skirt was threatening to flash everyone. Then he quickly went back on stage. LMAO!!!


Fortunately for everyone, the wardrobe malfunction didn’t happen and everything went on smoothly as planned.

Still, the whole incident was pretty epic and hysterical. That said, MORAL OF THE STORY: do NOT wear a short skirt that will easily lift up by a slight breeze to a fan meeting/party. Unless you are planning to flash everyone present and do not mind for everyone to immortalize that moment with their cameras/smart phones.

Anyway, that was the biggest highlight of the fan party to me. LOL. So epic. XD

And here’s what you guys have been waiting for; the photos. Enjoy yourselves and remember to like/share this post to spread the word and love of A-Prince around!

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