EXCLUSIVE: Video of A-Prince Speaking in English

So I finally got everything settled to be able to post this video of A-Prince speaking in English during the press conference in Singapore in May and August 2013.

Initially, I was just planning to edit the video and upload it to YouTube and then stop there. Then I thought that I should share with the other A-lands on how this video came about. πŸ™‚

It all started in Seoul when I first met the A-Prince boys. It was just about 5 or 6 months since they debut and honestly, I had absolutely no idea who they were. In fact, I only even heard of the group name the night before I met them. And yes, I met the boys not knowing what their names are and who is who. Haha.

So during the interview in Seoul, I can’t remember what was the question being asked but I specifically remembered asking Siyoon what would he like to say to his idol Eric Benet if he ever met him. Siyoon said something in Korean and I was like, “Eric won’t understand you so you need to speak in English.” It was just a completely spontaneous remark I made then and Siyoon’s response instantly elevated him to become my favourite member (amongst other reasons).

However, at that point in time, we only did an audio recording of the interview so that moment was only captured in our memories.

So fast forward to May 2013, A-Prince came to Singapore for a showcase and I was there at the press conference. So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to to capture the moment that was missed in Seoul.

The August version was basically just to see if their English has made any improvements. You guys can decide if there are any improvements. LOL.

And there you go, the story behind the why and how I’m posting this video of A-Prince (trying) to speak in English.

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