Robin Thicke Press Conference for MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 Post Mortem

Hey hey hey! Robin Thicke was looking dapper at the press conference for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 earlier today.


He is such a great and lovely dude. Suddenly, I feel so jealous of his wife for having such a sweet husband like Robin Thicke.

When asked how does he make his relationship with his wife last for such a long time, Robin says that it’s is a lot of listening and work. And being such a family man, when asked if he would happier winning awards or performing in front of fans, Robin Thicke said, “Nothing makes be happier than being with my son.” This lead to a spontaneous and collective “aaawwww” from all the female journalists in the room.

Also, someone asked him to comment on the “controversy” and his life after the recent VMA performance, Robin Thicke was really cool about it and he said the MTV Video Music Awards is the place to do stuff like that and make people go:



In fact, the whole press conference was really fun and had so many highlights. My favourite question during the press conference has to be the one where someone asked, “Imagine for a while that you are a girl, would you pick Pharrell or T.I.?” Hahahahhaa. This is Robin’s reaction:


LOL…. Just so you know, he was laughing and he was like, “FINALLY!!! A QUESTION THAT I’VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE!!” Hahaha.


After thinking about it for a while, he finally picked Pharrell simply because he has known Pharrell longer and “It’s a comfort thing.”

I can’t remember who said it but someone make a remark about how Robin was sexy because he was “Thicke” or something like that and it just cracked everyone up. It was hysterical and Robin Thicke is such a joy to talk to.

These are just rough recollections of what happened during the press conference and there were many other highlights as well. I do have a video of the whole press conference but I haven’t reviewed it yet. I’ll probably review and cut some parts of the press conference out/upload the full unedited version… Don’t know. I’ll decide when I get back to Singapore. (You guys are free to tell me which version you prefer in the comments below as well.)

That said, here are the rest of the photos. Enjoy yourselves while I get ready for the MTV World Stage concert later tonight! Come say hi!

[11 September 2013 | Update]

Guys, I’ve just reviewed the video of the press conference and have decided that I’ll upload the full and raw cut of it. Completely unedited with some cuts at the start/end to make it look less abrupt.

This way, you guys can fully appreciate what I mean when I say that Robin Thicke is such a joy to talk to/interview.

As the video will cannibalize the content of all present media outlet/bloggers at the press conference, I’m going to hold on to it for a week before uploading it. 🙂

So yeah, check back here after the evening of 17 September 2013. I’ll upload it then.

[19 September 2013 | Update]

Viola, kinda late but better than never. Here’s the said full and unedited video of the Robin Thicke press conference at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013. See for yourself what a darling Robin Thicke is. Enjoy!

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