The Fray in Singapore 2013 for Arthur’s Day Singapore Post Mortem

If you guys didn’t know, The Fray was in town to perform a special closed door concert courtesy of Guinness as part of their Arthur’s Day celebrations at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.

The Fray in Singapore 2013

I managed to score a pair of tickets to the show to watch the The Fray live and they pretty much lived up to expectations. They are awesome live!

The Fray in Singapore 2013

It was actually very interesting how we entered the venue. Our NRIC barcodes were scanned to tally with our NRIC number we have submitted earlier to be added into their list.

It was actually something I was just wondering this past week if it was viable logistically/operationally for concerts/events to clamp down on the black-market ticket sales. So seeing this option being executed in an event was definitely interesting.

Entry into the venue also included 2 free cups of Guinness stout (DUH). I was actually surprised that there was food for sale in there. If I had known earlier that there were food options available, I wouldn’t have gobbled my dinner in my rush to get there.

Everything went well and was obviously, very well thought out and executed (from the surface). 🙂

However, I must add that I was really annoyed with this idiot guy who stood in front of me. For some reason, he thought that he was being super cool to splash the remains of the Guinness in his cup on everyone. And he even THREW the cup towards the stage. I really, really wanted to smack him. What an asshole. SO DAMN RUDE.

Know this, it is NEVER ok to throw ANYTHING in any direction at a concert/gig/event. How would you like it if someone poured beverage/throw food on you?

The Fray in Singapore 2013

Anyway, moving on from raging about the jerk, The Fray took to the stage at about 8.10 pm and finished off their set at about 9.40 pm. Their set consists of about 17 songs and I didn’t manage to catch all the songs as I’m not entirely familiar with their discography and repertoire.

Here is the list of songs that I regconised their set:

  1. Hold My Hand
  2. ??
  3. ??
  4. You Found Me
  5. Turn Me On
  6. ??
  7. How To Save a Life
  8. Vienna
  9. ??
  10. ??
  11. ??
  12. Heartbeat [thanks to @DeeJayMich]
  13. * new song * Wherever This Goes
  14. [encore] Be Still
  15. [encore] The Fighter
  16. [encore] Never Say Never
  17. [encore] Ungodly Hour [thanks to @DeeJayMich]

The Fray in Singapore 2013

I must say that the new song “Wherever This Goes” is really, really good! I like it a lot. I don’t know if the single edit sounds like what they played last night but they did quite a stripped down version which a lot of emphasis on the drum rhythm which was absolutely cool!

Can’t wait for the official version to be released!

And finally, TO ARTHUR!! 🙂

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