Show Lo Live in Singapore 2013 for an Autograph Session


Show Lo is coming to Singapore again for an autograph session to promote this latest album “狮子吼 (Lion Roar)”.

The autograph session is at Square 2, 7.00 pm on 29 December 2013.

Please note that you will need to purchase the Singapore version of the “狮子吼 (Lion Roar)” album (only available in CD Rama) to get a ticket to join the queue for the autograph session. You will also get a poster along with the album purchase. Please check with the staff that they have the ticket and/or poster before you buy anything!

Also, each ticket allows only ONE person to join the queue and you will only be able to get Show Lo to sign on the “狮子吼 (Lion Roar)” CD sleeve. Please be cooperative so as not to hold up the queue so that people at the back will have the opportunity to get their CD sleeves signed.

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