LUNAFLY Singapore 2013 Interview Session Post Mortem

LUNAFLY Singapore 2013
LUNAFLY. L-R: Teo, Sam, Yun

Must say that the guys of LUNAFLY are such a joy to talk to. They are really cool, easy-going and hysterical!!

Honestly, I wasn’t really thinking when I entered the room as I have mentioned previously that I was really busy in my real job and I didn’t really have the time to do much else for the last couple of months. Still, I managed to steal some time out from all the craziness at work to help a friend with their LUNAFLY interview.

So the guys of LUNAFLY walked into the room, shook our hands and greeted us in their slightly off-toned Mandarin. Yes, Mandarin as in “你好” or something like that. I wasn’t expecting that and because I wasn’t expecting them to speak in Mandarin, I totally couldn’t registered what they were saying at first and was like, “?!?!?”


Seeing our confused faces, the LUNAFLY guys repeated themselves again and that was when I actually realised that they were speaking in Mandarin and not English/Korean that I was anticipating.

That pretty much set the tone for our really hilarious and fun interview session.

As I was just tagging along to help out at the interview session, I cannot tell you what the guys of LUNAFLY said during the interview but I can say that during the interview, LUNAFLY definitely said a few things which left us totally confused because we had no idea what they were referring to. To the point of Sam saying something like, “You know what? We should go check out the places and food together.” Hahaha. That was how confused we were with the places and food they were talking about.

And that said, to LUNAFLY: I’m in to go check out those places and food if you are. Haha. XD

Anyway, here are the photos that I can share from the really enjoyable session with LUNAFLY. Enjoy!

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