Topp Dogg Interview Post Mortem

Topp Dogg Singapore 2014

Yet another one of my unplanned posts. πŸ™‚

Earlier today, I was at one of the interview sessions for Rookie Kpop group Topp Dogg. It was pretty last minute how I was asked to help as an extra pair of hands at the interview. Since I don’t mind checking out new acts, I went down; completely unprepared. LOL. As with all the last minute stuff that I get pulled into. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I walked into the room only knowing that there are 13 guys and they were supposed to be the hip hop version of Super Junior based on what I remembered from their initial debut marketing stuff.

With so many kpop groups out there nowadays, it really is so hard to keep up with all the names so I pretty much just give up when I go see all these rookie groups and see who manages to leave an impression on me. Then I go research on them after that.

So needless to say, as a big fan of Super Junior, saying that Topp Dogg is supposed be the “hip hop version of Super Junior” caught my attention. The marketing campaign worked. πŸ˜€

As for members to left an impression on me, I’d say B-Joo (coz he is cute), A-Tom (because of his hair style), Seogoong (because he spoke Mandarin), Sangdo (because he has a really nice smile), Nakta (for his awkward self-introduction) and Xero (for his powerful moves he made during the self-introduction).

Throughout the interview, Topp Dogg gives me the impression that they are very fun loving and full of energy. It was a pretty interesting session as the members who could speak English were trying their best to reply to everything in English. Major brownie points in my book for effort. I can just imagine that if the entire interview was done in Korean where all of them can speak as they wish, some of them will not stop talking. LOL. It would have been such a hoot. πŸ˜€

Anyway, Topp Dogg will be performing tomorrow, 12 January 2014 for their first ever performances outside of Korea tomorrow at the Queenstown Community Centre Auditorium, 2.00 pm.

Finally, your favourite sections, the photos. Must say that I didn’t do justice to the boys today. πŸ™ The lighting wasn’t really good and because I had been rushing, I wasn’t able to calm down enough to have steady hands for most of the photos today. Oh well. Here you go anyway.

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