LEDApple Live in Singapore 2014 — CANCELLED

[4 February 2014 | REFUND DETAILS]

Refund details:

Fans who paid the ticket will receive the full refund within 30-35 days after submission date end.

For Overseas who have purchased the tickets via eventnook:

Submit the following between 03 February 2014  – 10 February 2014 to eastentertainmentsg2@gmail.com.

  • Full Name
  • Contact No
  • Amount Paid (SGD)
  • Receipt No (Eventnook receipt)
  • Preferred payment mode (Paypal or Bank Transfer)
  • Paypal or Bank details (including swift code/bank account no/account name)

For Locals who have purchased the tickets via eventnook:

Submit the following between 07 February 2014  – 17 February 2014 to eastentertainmentsg2@gmail.com

  • Full Name
  • Contact No
  • Amount Paid (SGD)
  • Receipt No (Eventnook receipt)
  • Preferred payment mode(Paypal or Bank Transfer)
  • Paypal or Bank details (including bank account no/account name)

Please inform everyone that you know that the refund details are up and go get your refunds!! GO! GO! GO!

[28 January 2014 | IMPORTANT NOTICE]

Guys, from the LEDApple Official Facebook page:

“The promoter of led apple’s 2014 Singapore concert seems to be a fraud. Therefore, led apple will not be attending the Singapore concert.

Eastentertainment Singapore promoter did not even proceed with led apple’s contract, he did not pay the guarantee of the concert to us and did not book the plane tickets despite the fact that there is only 1 week left until the concert. He lied that the tickets are still on waiting and so on. Therefore, we decided to cancel the concert today to provide led apple’s fans more time to receive compensation for the tickets you paid for as well as to take legal actions towards this entertainment.”

Whoooooaaaaaaaa…… This sounds really serious. 😐

From the statement from East Singapore, it was a result of a contractual disagreement with the label that lead to the cancellation of this concert. 🙁

Despite having signed the contract since 26th November 2013, there has been multiple mutual misunderstandings between Starkim and East Entertainment. On contrary to what has been stated one LEDAPPLE’s official Facebook page, a bank transfer has been made to the agency. However we were only notified weeks later that the bank details have been given to us inaccurately. Due to the inaccurate bank account details, the wired payments were thus not received by the agency.

Furthermore adding on the issue of the air tickets, according to the contract, East Entertainment was supposed to provide Starkim 10 tickets to and fro Seoul, Korea. However, we were only informed that all artiste and staff would be traveling to and fro Japan, Thus a change of flights had to be made and all the names are currently placed on the waiting list.

Although the contract was drafted and signed by Starkim, the staff we have been in contact with does not seem to know the details and requirements that were mentioned in the contract including and not limiting to the events Led Apple would be attending as well as roles of the staff in their entourage.

At the end of it all, it is the fan who loses in all of these misunderstandings and squabbles. Boo.

Oh well, stay tuned for refund information.



LEDApple are performing in Singapore on 9 February 2014, 7.00 pm at JStage (JCube Leve 5).

Tickets are priced at $188 (VIP; seated), $88 (Premium; free standing) and $68 (General Admission; free standing). You can also purchase a pass on top of your ticket to the show to have dinner with the LEDApple guys at $70.

All prices stated are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $3 administrative fee for booking.

The VIP ticket entitles you to seats, a poster, join the queue for the autograph session and a photograph with LEDApple. (Not sure if it is an individual or group photo though.) Premium ticket holders gets a poster and are able to join the queue for the autograph session.

You can click here to buy tickets for this event.

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