Errors in Broad and Half Sheet Newspapers

I don’t usually do this but it has reached a point where there are so many articles generated about Super Junior with wrong photos/information that I got annoyed enough to post this.

Article belongs to MyPaper (SPH). I do not own the rights to the content.

Earlier today, I came across an article in MyPaper about my dear Choi Siwon of Kpop super group, Super Junior.

Needless to say, it’s Super Junior related and I definitely would take an interest and it’s a photo of Siwon, one of my all time favourite members in the group.

If you can’t read Chinese, the title says, “Siwon will film the China version of <The Heirs>”.

My first thought was, why did they then use this image of Siwon in drag which was screen captured from the music video of Donghae & Eunhyuk’s new Single “Motorcycle” if they were going to talk about Siwon filming a drama in China?

Then when I read the article, the entire article was centred on Siwon’s surprise cross-dressing cameo in the Donghae & Eunhyuk “Motorcycle” music video. And then at the end of the article, as if as an afterthought, the article mentioned that Siwon is filming the China version of “The Heirs” in China.

After I finished reading the article, it was really like, “WTF kind of article is this? To fill up the space on the page layout?” There was absolutely little/no effort put in to write the article at all, even as an entertainment and gossip article.

The image was saved off the Internet even with no credit to image source (even if you don’t want to credit the fan/Google images, at least say it is a screen capture from the music video). As one of the Super Junior Twitter fanbase noonas, I actually saw the first tweet from the person who made the screen capture of Siwon and I have saved the exact .jpg of the image as well.

One of the things we do on the fanbase is to look out for Super Junior articles which appears in any country in the world, share the article and provide a translation of the article if available. So the most interesting thing was how no one within the fandom wanted to share this article because it was lame and it was an ugly photo of Siwon against the article headline of Siwon filming “The Heirs”. Everyone was expecting a suave picture of Siwon in a suit or something to match the character of the rich guy he is portraying in the drama.

I have seen comments of some fans saying that this article “is too embarrassing to translate to post” as it will show the world how “stupid and lame the Singapore media is”. Especially how one of the Chinese newspapers in Singapore used a photo of Ryeowook on an article about Leeteuk’s family tragedy some weeks ago. Was it too much effort required to google and check how the members actually look like if they weren’t sure? And it was an article about such an unfortunate incident as well.

Anyway the production synopsis is available here if you are interested:

Image credit as tagged.

Anyway, I do not wish to spell out exactly what I am going on about. If it doesn’t make any sense to you, so be it. If you get my drift, great.

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