SPOTTED: Lee Min Ho in Singapore (18 February 2014)!!

Lee Min Ho

GUYS!!! OMG!!! Lee Min Ho is in Singapore right now as I type this!!

It seems like Lee Min Ho is in Singapore for a holiday right now. My friend’s wife (or friend’s friend etc I think) spotted him in the Marina Bay Sands Casino and even took some sneaky shots.

However, in order not to get anyone into trouble (since I know no photography is allowed in casinos usually), I will not be uploading the photos here on my blog.

That said, if you still are curious, I’m going to put it on my Twitter (@jovenatheart) profile photo for the rest of today (18 February 2014) so you can see it for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚


IMPORTANT:ย That said, he is here for a holiday so please give him some space. As usual, do not take photos of him while he is eating/in some undressed state (if he goes to the swimming pool/beach etc).

If you get close enough, ask him nicely if you can take a photo before you take the picture. If you spot him from afar, just don’t even get spotted by people with him that you took a photo. They can get really nasty with you.

REMINDER: Singapore doesn’t have a papparazzi/crazy sasaeng fan culture and that’s why many celebrities (Asia and Hollywood) come here for a holiday so don’t ruin the balance we have in Singapore. That said, if it does get messed up/seem like it will get messed up, I’ll also stop sharing information when I come across it. Please cooperate. ๐Ÿ™‚

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