CN Blue Live Can’t Stop in Singapore 2014 Concert Date


Moon © Naver LINE
Moon © Naver LINE

CN Blue is playing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 10 May 2014, 7.00 pm and I’ll be on a plane flying back from Seoul.

CN Blue in Singapore - Press Conference
CN Blue in Singapore 2013 – Blue Moon concert Press Conference

The CN Blue tour starts in Seoul a couple of days before I arrive there as well.

Life is so cruel. Dammit. I really, really want to watch CN Blue live again. T_T

Anyway, ticket details are not out yet. I’ll update this page when it is up. Go have fun on my behalf and if you took sneaky fancams, please share the link with me afterwards, I’d love to watch it. Thanks.

[3 April 2014 | Ticket Details]

Ticket prices are out!

Tickets are priced at $248 (Standing/Seats), $198, $168, $138 and $108. Prices are in Singapore dollars and does not include the $4 booking fee.

Tickets go on sale on 5 April 2014 from 10.00 am and the page to buy tickets to see CN Blue is not up yet at the time of writing.

Take note that there will be a queue sequence number if you are buying tickets for the standing pens. Please read this note from the ONE Production (Organizer) Facebook page carefully about how the queueing will work on the concert day itself.

Good luck everyone and have fun at the concert.

[23 April 2014] So yeah, I changed my flight to come back earlier so I am now going to watch CN Blue in concert. ^^ See you all there!

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