Grasshopper Glamour On Stage 2014 Singapore Concert Date Post Mortem

Grasshopper Glamour on Stage Singapore 2014
Grasshopper Glamour on Stage Singapore 2014

I went to watch the Grasshopper’s Glamour on Stage tour at the Resorts World Sentosa Compass Ballroom last night. I actually bought the tickets last year (so high right?) so that would explain why I didn’t go and see the Rolling Stones which was playing at the Marina Bay Sands last night or go to the G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri Thinking of You fan meeting at the Indoor Stadium which was also last night. 🙂

I have been a fan of Grasshopper since I was a kid. I even flew to Hong Kong to watch their Grasshopper vs SoftHard concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2012.

In fact, the Grasshopper is going to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum again this year in early June. I forgot what’s the exact date actually… either 6-8 June or 7-9 June… around then. And I’m wondering if I want to go again then. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I do not have any good photos at the concert this time around because I forgot to bring my little digital camera and I was just snapping some pictures and videos with my iPhone.

I was really tired last night at the concert to be honest. I’ve been having 18 hour days for the last few days of the week because of work. I wasn’t energetic at the concert as I usually would be but I definitely still had fun with all the Grasshopper hits like 爱不怕,失恋阵线联盟嗲噢宝贝对不起,忘情森巴舞,好戏在后头… etc in the 2 hour and 15 minutes long concert.

I didn’t track the song list because I’m not entirely familiar with their discography in Cantonese. 🙂

I was also really happy and surprised that they performed 我们都是这样失恋的 (CH version: 难到我们就这样分手). It is one of my all time favourite ballads from them and they didn’t perform this ballad a lot in their concerts in recent years.

You really have got to give it to the Remus Choy, Calvin Choy and Edmund So; 29 years in the business and they are still jumping around on stage. Obviously they aren’t as agile as they were back in their late teens/20s but they’re in their 40s now and still jumping around, I am definitely not complaining about anything of their performance.

What I really love about a Grasshopper concert is how they always use a live band and how they sound EXACTLY like they do on the CD. It’s a good reminder that real talent and skills (be it from the Grasshopper members themselves and their backing band and singers) still exists in show business.

This time around, Calvin Choy was in-charged of wardrobe and it was pretty cool I must say. I’m pretty sure everyone was extremely distracted by THAT red dress thing that Remus Choy wore on stage. If you were at the concert, you know which one I’m talking about. It was such a (!O.O!) piece of wardrobe I must say. It was very funny how Calvin Choy asked if everyone got scared by the “red thing” though. Hahahaha.

I also like how the audience preferred for Grasshopper to speak in Cantonese at the concert and as Calvin Choy said, “The audience doesn’t understand us very well when we speak in Cantonese but if we spoke in Mandarin, they definitely cannot understand us.” Hahahaha. It is true you know, their Mandarin is quite bad and they always get the pronunciation wrong and it really is quite hard to understand them. Hahahaha.

And obviously, Grasshopper is pretty much a “retro” act now and the average age of the audience in general had to be about 40+ as well. And in such a crowd, there are no crazy screaming fangirl for sure but it was really cute to see some women in their late 30s/early-mid 40s waving light sticks around. Hahaha.

Also, it is very funny every time Grasshopper asks how many 18 year-olds are there in the audience, every single person in the audience puts their hands up cheering. Hahahahaha.

Obviously a different category of concerts that I usually go to but all in all, a different kind of fun.

Can’t wait to do it all over again. XD

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    1. not quite likely this time around as I’m running out of annual leave this year. We can definitely keep in touch for other such trips in the future. ^^

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