Jeju Island Adventure: Jeju Black Pork

I’ve been hearing so much about Jeju Black Pork and how it is a must have when you are in Jeju Island.

Now that I have given it a go, I can confirm that it is TRUE. The meat is TO DIE FOR.

Jeju Black Pork

Jeju Black Pork

The best part about it all is how the meat is brought out un-marinated. So you can taste the natural sweetness of the meat. I’m drooling even as I type this. For real.

Between 2 of us (girls), we had 3 x 180g of the famed Jeju Black Pork in one sitting. 180g of the samgyubsal (삼겹살, pork belly) & moksal (목살, pork shoulder) is 15,000 won.

They are also very generous with their side dishes:

Jeju Black Pork

A friend recommended this place to me and I’ll recommend it to you guys. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS PLACE. SO FREAKING AWESOME.

Jeju Black Pork

Name of Restaurant: Neulbom Black Pork (늘봄흑돼지)
Address: 2343-3 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea (제주도특별자치도 제주시 노형공 2343-3번지)
Telephone number (for the GPS): 064-744-9001/2

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