Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017 Post Mortem

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro was in Singapore over the weekend on 5 March 2017 for their 1st showcase in Singapore at the Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Coincidentally, 5 March 2017 was also MJ’s birthday.

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
MJ @ Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
A few of us knew how excited MJ was to spend his birthday in Singapore because when we mentioned the Singapore show to him during the hi-touch event when we were at the Bangkok show, the way his face lit up in excitement was so precious!! And that made us even more determined than ever to make sure a birthday celebration for MJ during the show in Singapore happens.

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
We arrived at the venue after 2 pm and there were already loads of fans there. We thought there’d be a queue to get our wristband but it was a breeze because there was no queue. Thereafter, we were just hanging around the area to chat before we entered the venue at around 5.00 pm (SG) for the hi-touch session.

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
The thing about the hi-touch session was that many fans didn’t realise that they weren’t able to exit the hall between the hi-touch session and the main show to have dinner. And even though there was a snack bar, it was just light snacks so many fans were starving by the time the show was over at around 9.10 pm (SG).

There was a 45 minutes or so break between the hi-touch session and the main show but fortunately, Astro went live on V app backstage for MJ’s birthday so time flew by quite quickly. It was also very funny how everyone squealed at the same time when the Astro boys did something silly during the livestream broadcast.

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
The main show started promptly at 7.00 pm (SG) with a video and immediately after that, Astro came on stage to kick off the show with “숨바꼭질 / Hide & Seek”.

Here’s the set list for the night:

  1. 숨바꼭질 / Hide & Seek
  2. 장화 신은 고양이 / Cat’s Eyes
  3. 불꽃놀이 / Fireworks
  4. 숨가빠 / Breathless
  5. 告白气球 / Love Confession (cover of Jay Chou)
  6. 풍선 / Balloons (cover of TVXQ)
  7. 사랑이 / Love
  8. 고백 / Confession
  9. 붙잡았어야 해 / Should Have Held On To You
  10. You & Me (Thanks AROHA)

After the performance of “숨가빠 / Breathless”, Astro went into a Q&A interview segment. This segment was absolutely hilarious for various reasons.

First up, Moonbin ran off stage almost immediately after the “숨가빠 / Breathless” performance and at first, I thought he split his pants or something and had to change but Binnie disappeared for about 20 minutes out of the 25 minutes Q&A session; which was way too long to change a pair of pants. Everyone started to get concerned and wondered why Binnie disappeared for so long and when he finally reappeared on stage, the audience erupted in a cheer for him.

Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017
So after the show, Binnie posted on the official fan café to explain what happened. And it is Binnie’s adorable message which made the whole incident so bloody funny. He apologised for disappearing and making everyone worried with his disappearance because his stomach didn’t feel good from dinner and he needed to go to the toilet (and take a dump).


So many concerts and showcases I have watched in the last decade or more, this is definitely the first time the artist actually alluded to and apologised about needing to take a dump in the middle of a show. Hahahaha.

No biggie Binnie. 괜찮아 빈아~

The second funny highlight was when Rocky had to pick a category of question to answer, he misunderstood the question and picked the “EXID’s Up & Down” card thinking that he could sabotage Cha Eunwoo to do the dance. That said, Eunwoo (knows he sucks at it but) gamely did the dance anyway:

And since the question was really meant for Rocky, he had to do the dance as well:

After Rocky did the dance, Jinjin started making a lot of comments and the fans then started to chant “Jinjin! Jinjin!” and essentially forcing him to do the dance as well. Hahahaha. And MJ insisted that Jinjin had to do a cute version even!


When it was Eunwoo’s turn to pick a question for the first time, the audience kept chanting “애교! 애교!” and once again, Eunwoo does kinda hates doing aegyo (like every regular guy) but he gave in to the fans’ demands and did aegyo much to the fans’ delight!

Eunwoo is so precious and awesome!

After the Q&A segment, Astro performed 2 more songs before MJ’s birthday cake was brought out for him as the whole audience sang him a birthday song in Korean.

MJ's cake [photo © @ASTROinSG]
MJ’s cake [photo © @ASTROinSG]
MJ was visibly touched by the birthday celebration event while the rest of Astro were really amused by how we sang “Myeongjunie” and not “MJ”; so much so that they kept going “Myeongjunie” for a while after that. Haha.

Also, Astro performed “붙잡았어야 해 / Should Have Held On To You” and “You & Me (Thanks AROHA)” which are showcase exclusives and never before performed on TV.

I really, really like the choreography for “붙잡았어야 해 / Should Have Held On To You”. To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I first watched a fan cam of this performance from their showcase in Seoul where they were wearing black suits. I thought, “Man, the performance was so bland and generic” but watching them perform the song in Singapore while wearing bright yellow, it works! I’m totally sold and in love with the song and dance now.

“You & Me (Thanks AROHA)” is also special because the lyrics were totally self written by the Astro boys! Thanks ASTRO for the song.

Overall, the show was entertaining and enjoyable even though I was quite annoyed with the lighting at the venue. I know that the venue is custom built for theatre use but I was surprised how there was little/almost no light to illuminate the boys’ face at times. I had a really fantastic seat and even from where I was, I couldn’t see the boys’ faces well at time because of the lighting.

Anyway, I don’t know when or where I’ll get to see Astro again but here’s hoping that they come back to Singapore again real soon given how the boys seem to like and enjoy Singapore so much during their day off here.

Finally, leaving some photos that turned out decent from the Astro 1st Showcase in Singapore 2017. Enjoy!

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