Jeju Island Adventure: Seafood Soup

Another must eat in Jeju Island is their seafood; sashimi, soup, bbq, whatever.

My Korean colleague was recommending that I try the sea urchin soup but the random restaurant that I walked into along the road leading to the Seongsan Ilchubong didn’t have the sea urchin soup so I went with their seafood soup.

Jeju Island Seafood Soup


I could SMELL the sweetness of the seafood broth the moment they set the pot down on the portable stove. The broth was that thick and strong. And in Singaporean terms, so damn tok-gong solid.

The ahjumma who put the pot down saw me sniffing at the soup and was proudly telling me about the quality of the seafood broth they used but honestly, I wasn’t paying attention, I was busy sniffing away at the soup. Hahaha.

Jeju Island Seafood Soup

When the soup was ready, I took the first sip of the broth and BOOM!!

Saying that the broth is awesome and fantastic is such an understatement. The seafood soup is so out of this world that I think a new superlative needs to be created to describe the sweetness and tastiness of the soup.

Best seafood soup I’ve ever had in my life. SO COMPLETELY MIND-BLOWING.

Jeju Island Seafood Soup Side Dishes

I am drooling all over the keyboard as I describe all these to you guys.

The soup that I ordered is called 해물 전골 (pronounced: hae-mul jeon-gol; really just means whole pot of various seafood). It costs us 35,000 won for the small pot (which is quite a lot for 2 girls like us) and we got a rice each at 1,000 won.

My friend wasn’t really into seafood so yes, I ate almost all of the seafood in the pot except the prawns. LOL. I was so full that I was probably going to explode but I didn’t care. The seafood and soup was too delicious to be wasted. I’m probably going to die of high cholesterol or something soon as a result but whatever, at least I’ll die happy.

Restaurant Name: SeonMi Restaurant (선미식당)
Address: 189 Seongsan-ri Seongsan-eub, Seogwipo City, Jeju Island (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 성산읍 성산리 189)
Telephone Number: 064-782-4811

Even if you don’t eat at this restaurant, I certainly do recommend that you give the seafood soup or some form of seafood a go when you are in Jeju Island. Highly recommended.

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