SM Town Live World Tour III in Singapore 2012 Post Mortem

If you didn’t know, SM Town Live World Tour III in Singapore happened last Friday (23 November 2012) at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

Needless to say, I went because Super Junior was in the line up. If you don’t know, I’m a MASSIVE Super Junior fan and I’m quite completely obsessed with them. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I shall devote this blog entry to talking about the concert stuff and I will make separate entries to post those photos that I took sneakily with my camera.

When I arrived near the venue, it was a complete mess! The area outside the venue was really narrow and it was beside a really busy road and there were just throngs of people jammed along the pavements!

Furthermore, 2 or so hours before the concert start at about 7.10 pm, there was this huge downpour which made everyone wonder if the concert will still go on because of the really bad weather. It was kinda like a typhoon minus the gale force winds and it made 4 pm look like 9 pm.

So massive human jam + water puddles everywhere = major muddy chaos.

There were 3 entrances but it seems like they weren’t letting people in fast enough resulting in the human jam. I totally understand that dealing with 23,000 people is a challenge but I thought that the entrance should state more clearly which entrance are for which seat range numbers so people know which entrance they were supposed to use specifically.

Also, there wasn’t any barricades near the entrances and needless to say, there was a massive bottleneck and people where just cutting the queue and jostling to get to their seats because it was getting closer to the scheduled concert start time.

Halfway through the concert, the large screen on the stage left (ie your right if you are facing the stage) had a blue screen of death. Yes, it was just blue and not showing the videos/footage of what is going on. Fortunately, they managed to get the screen working again after 20 ~ 30 minutes… I think.

There were also quite a few lighting problems. Like when Zhou Mi and Victoria were singing their duet, there wasn’t any light on Victoria while she was standing on the buggy heading towards the special stage. When Super Junior came on stage for Superman, there was no light on Shindong.

I would also like to add that the translator that the organizers used that night was such an epic fail. God knows how much she actually mistranslated. SHINee said something about their concert in Singapore on December 8 and the translator actually said “November 8”!! Taemin actually corrected her and everyone started cheering at him. I was also quite annoyed by how she would start her translation before the idols have even finished saying what they wanted to say. FAIL.

Still, despite some glitches here and there, SM Town Singapore was still one of the most awesome concerts to go to in Singapore this year. It is practically a music festival and given the price (I’m at yellow, $218 + 3) I wouldn’t complain that it is expensive. It is 4 hours worth of quality performers and non-stop scream worthy performances.

About 3.5 hours or so into the 4 hour long concert, it started raining again. I think it was when F(x) was starting to perform “Electric Shock”. All the performers continued to perform even as the rain got heavier and heavier.

I must say that Super Junior and TVXQ got the worst of the rain. It was so bad at that point that from row 58 where I was, I couldn’t even see the stage clearly. I was ready to skip the finale song “Hope” because of the rain. I was worried about the lightning actually and just as TVXQ finished the last note of “Catch Me”, the rain stopped. Just like that. It was so super weird.

So major kudos to all the performers who still gave their all despite the heavy rain, especially Super Junior and TVXQ for performing at the climax of the rain. And to all of us in the audience who persisted with/without raincoats/umbrellas, BRAVO!! I hope no one fell sick after that.

I would like to give a special mention to the fanboy who was sitting about 2 rows behind me. You are awesome for knowing almost all the words and fanchants to like 90% if not all of the songs!! You also inspired me to fanchant even though I wasn’t sitting amost ELFs. Cheers!

Finally, I would like to apologize to everyone who was sitting near me when I started screaming as Super Junior appeared. I know I’m loud and really ear-piercingly sharp (I used to be soprano in a choir). So sorry once again.

ps: Watch this space for photos of SM Town Singapore. πŸ˜‰

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