Super Junior World Tour: Super Show 6 Seoul 2014

Super Junior World Tour: Super Show 6

I don’t usually do this but since I translated the information out for the fan base, I might as well just repost it here. 😀

Super Show 6, the Super Junior World Tour is happening in Seoul on 20 and 21 September 2014 at the Jamsil Gymnasium (잠실 실내체육관). I am not sure where it is and I’ve never been to the place before but I heard that it’s a much smaller venue compared to Super Show 5 in Seoul last year.

The 20 September 2014 (Saturday) show starts at 6.00 pm KST and the 21 September 2014 (Sunday) show starts at 4.00 pm KST.

Tickets are priced at 99,000 won (inclusive of VAT). It is a one price concert so it doesn’t matter if you buy a seat or a standing ticket; it’s all the same price.

Super Show 6 Seoul seating plan
Super Show 6 Seoul seating plan

There is a priority sale for fan club members and fan club members can buy tickets to the concert on 7 August 2014 between 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm KST. Public sale starts on 7 August 2014, 8.00 pm KST.

Take note of the following:

  • You can buy tickets for any day during the fan club priority sale.
  • Please note that there is a limit of 2 tickets per person, per concert day.

That said, you can buy tickets officially via Gmarket Korea at (Korean only) or call 1566-5702. I tried looking and I don’t think the Super Show 6 ticketing listing/page is up on Gmarket yet at this point in writing.

Finally, I have always heard about how tickets sell out in minutes so good luck!

[10 August 2014 | Update] I understand that the tickets to both days sold out in about 10 minutes after the public sales started. I also know that there are some people who are selling the tickets way above the listed price. Please DO NOT buy from them. I have heard that you can report those sellers if you have their ticket numbers, G-Market account name/number and/or their phone numbers and G-Market can have those tickets cancelled and released.

[19 August 2014 | ONE MORE SHOW ADDED!] SM Entertainment has added ONE MORE date to Super Show 6 in Seoul!! The additional date is for the Friday, 19 September 2014.

Priority sale for the official fan club members is on 21 August 2014, 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm KST. Public sale starts from 21 August 2014, 8.00 pm KST.

Good luck once again.

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